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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Caroline the Videographer

In case you wanted the transcript- because it's funnier when you understand what she's saying:

"Dad there ya are, right there.
Sissy, sissy, sissy, sissy.
There she is, Emily, I see you. She's crawling thare. Your little tiny eyes are in the picture. You see that? 
No, Emily!
You see it, you see her? You see? That's your face! It's your face all messy. 
Allllll riiiiight. Say cheeeeese.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Almost there, baby

Eleven months. We're almost there, baby. With you being my second somehow I really did believe this go around that we'd never reach this moment in time. That you'd never turn one. Instead, you'd always be my baby. Squirmy, cuddly, mama obsessed baby Emily Kate. But now, somehow, you're supposed to move from baby Emily Kate to toddler Emily Kate. Okay, who am I kidding. You're already toddling. But I refuse to admit it till October 15th. 

All the signs are there. You're big enough to give my feet an ache when I wear you on my back. And at 23 pounds and the 90th percentile for height you can almost wear your big sister's 3 year old wardrobe. You have your first pair of shoes and you sit on the step while I place them on your feet before leaving the house. You walk down the street holding on with just one hand for steadiness. You're less and less a baby. But somehow, you don't feel any less a baby to me than the day you were born. 

The way you look when you fall asleep in my arms. The sweet scent of your head. The happy humming you do when you eat. Your fascination with your big sissy. How life stands still when I let you fall asleep next to me and I watch you sleep. Everything about your babyhood will always feel like only yesterday. It's been bliss. A very, very, very tired bliss as you're not particularly found of sleeping. But a sweet and precious bliss nonetheless. 

You'll always be my baby. Always. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I had the pleasure of photograping the Kim family while they're here in Chapel Hill from Korea for a short time. Here's a little taste of our family portrait session...

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

This Little Piggy Dance

Caroline is my little dancer through and through. I've got all these videos on my phone of her dancing around anywhere music is playing. Here's Caroline's original choreography for This Little Piggy Went to Market from Sesame Street. If nothing else, skip to 1:50 to watch the grand finale...she does quite the yoga lunge jazz hands finale.

If you're wondering why she dances in front of the oven it's so she can watch herself in the reflection. Self confidence is not lacking in this house clearly. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Still Catching Up

Here's a little taste of a few fun photo sessions I did from the past year that fell through the need to be blogged cracks until now...

Such a fun family portrait session at American Tobacco Campus.

I've had the joy of photographing this family two years in a row. And my how little O has grown in just a year.

This little boy's two year photos were so much fun. It was a cold late autumn day but he was such a trooper and we had such fun. Added bonus photographing in late fall might mean getting to play in a pile of leaves. You better believe if there are piles of leaves nearby I'll be doing that again for fall photos

 And this sweet baby boy's newborn pictures. I've enjoyed getting to know his mama and big sis on many playground dates.

It's always a joy to be chose to capture precious moments and memories for families. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly and one that will never lose it's magic. Thanks to these sweet families for letting me be a part of capturing moments and memories for them. 

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family Portraits From Spring

I've finally been catching up just a bit on blogging. Here are some highlights of our family portraits we had taken by Rosa Ashdown last April at Bennett Place. Halfway through our Sunday morning photo session a Confederate General and a Union General each on horseback meandered by, tipping the hats to us and wishing us a good morning and urging us to join them at the church service they were on their way to. Just another day below the Mason Dixie Line. 

And yes, I'm fully aware Caroline is missing in a lot of these. She would absolutely not cooperate no matter we tried bribing her. Par for the course with toddlers, right? Rosa was so gracious and sweet regardless of Caroline's bad mood.  And still managed to capture so many beautiful images. Thanks, Rosa!

Oh and full disclosure here. I grew up going to the surrendering re-enactments and charge re-enactments at Bennett Place. And even fuller disclosure I dressed appropriately in, ahem, Civil War era garb. Because when you live in the South it's just a normal weekend activity.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Emily Kate at 9 months

Emily Kate, being your mama is such a joy. It's also teaching me oh so much about patience and perspective.

You are sweet as sugar- smiley, cuddly. But also a very testing little bit as you and sleep don't get on too well and honestly haven't for months. But you are more than worth this temporary trial.

Your favorites include: eating- you just love food, being worn in the Ergo, playing with and watching your big sissy, and nursing with or being held by mama. Mama trumps all in your mind and heart right now and I treasure that. It won't last long I know.

9 month stats: 20 lbs 77th percentile, height 97th percentile (currently accepting modeling contracts or college basketball scholarships...just kidding on both counts), clothing size 18-24 months. 

Development: you are crawling fast all over the place, pulling up on everything and figuring out how to use your walker- got to keep up with sissy. You say "mama" likes it's your job and sometimes grace Daddy with his name "ada". You will not sit still for a book and never have, sigh. But you love standing on your tippy toes to pluck out notes on the piano. 

Though the nights have been sleepless for mama, I couldn't imagine our family without you. Love you always and forever, my big baby girl.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

BSP 5 Generations

Been a while since I've posted a photography shoot, but here's one I did recently that was a joy from start to finish. I had the rare opportunity to photograph five count 'em FIVE generations of beautiful women. So grateful for this opportunity. Here's a look at our photo session at WRAL's Azalea Gardens in Raleigh...

Many thanks to this sweet family for allowing me the joy of capturing these memories for your family.

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