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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Newlywed Christmas

I hope the Christmas weekend treated everyone well and hopefully you are enjoying this long weekend with another day off. Here are a few casual snapshots of our first Christmas together. Not the highest quality because I just took them on my slightly outdated point and shoot, but it's better than nothing. From my family to yours...enjoy!

Christmas morning...

We're newlyweds, and didn't quite get around to getting stockings this year. Instead we got creative...
My hubby filled a vase (I'd been wanting another!) with little doilies with a different "coupon" written on each such as date nights out.

The "stocking", with candy in the toes and a vase filled with date coupons. 

Whole Foods cookie? Now that's a coupon I won't have a problem using!

Christmas with the family... 

 What an adorable cupcake Christmas tree my mom had picked up especially for Christmas dinner. 
 I'm no fan of icing but this was too cute not to get a snapshot of!

Penguin rings off the top of the cupcakes.  Still a kid at heart.

 Dark chocolate cherry cordials are always a part of any Osborne family Christmas. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of cherry, but I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate (border line addiction I might add) so eating the chocolate and leaving the cherries was no problem for me. 

What an adorable gift bag! My brother in law gave us a gift in this. Next year I'm giving someone else a gift disguised as coal. 

A White Christmas...

 We woke up to this winter wonderland the morning after Christmas, a rare occurrence in the Carolinas. 
 View from our balcony.

Loved these picture because of all the texture with the wispy branches and thick white snow. 

Merry Christmas from the new Mr. & Mrs. Schneider!