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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Business Plan Competition...Southern Lady Style

I recently had the chance to participate in a business plan competition at MereCo. And being married to a business man who was raised in Europe and studied at Duke, I quickly began to realize that the sort of business plan competition I would compete in (southern all girls school) has different characteristics than the sort he would compete in (financial analyst plans, international marketing models, IPOs and that's just the beginning). 

For example...

...The business plans themselves were quite different. With the exception of a technology company business plan, the others consisted of wedding planning firms, boutiques, and yes even a skin care and cosmetic line- we southern ladies are never seen without a proper done face. 
Oh, and on a side note it was fun to get to know the other girls, especially the two girls who I sat with at dinner, Clair & Barbara- they were so friendly and their business plans Clear Tech Assist (a technology consulting firm...think Twitter tutorials) and Tinkled Pink Occasions (a wedding plan firm) sounded super interesting! 

Or take for example the fact that my favorite professor, and in many respects mentor, Dr. Bostic is one of the most sweet, stylish, southern ladies I have ever meet. And like any true southern lady- she's quite resilient, knows the power of pearls when putting together an outfit, and graduated from a women's college. Yes, that's the sort of professor we southern ladies love (and would love to borrow any of her outfits any day of the week for that matter!). 

Now I'm not saying all this to make us southern girls look like we care more about our looks and our girlieness more than smarts. No sir! What I am saying is that southern girls know how to show some brains and still demonstrate the grace of a nice dress, smile, and thank yoooouuu (southern draw assumed). 

So that's a business plan competition with a little southern lady flare, y'all! Now if only the winner had scored a Vera Bradley gift bag or maybe a gift certificate for Lucky 32 for some fine southern cuisine we'd really be talking. 

Also...this whole fun of creating our own business got me thinking...if you could have your own business what would it be? Nothing is off limits and I'd simply adore hearing your ideas! 


Clair said...

Hey! It was so great to hangout that night.I hope we can get together again soon!

Bethany said...

I agree, that would be great! And I'm impressed with your website/FB page for your business!

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