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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bald Head Island- Marina

Here are some pictures from our adventures around the Bald Head Island Marina...

The Marina (where the ferry drops off guests at Bald Head Island) has lots of beautiful houses and many with fun quirky beach details like this one with a paddle inspired fence design...

...or the quirkiest of them all the house with the Nude Beach sign. Had to get my picture just for laughs. 

Like the rest of the island it's by foot or by golf cart (or bicycle but I seriously don't bike. period.)

Eb & Flo's Steambar across the way (and that's Old Baldy the lighthouse in the back). Eb & Flo's is a fun place to grab a drink and burger and watch a sporting game. 

The end of the world (or at least my little world that weekend).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bald Head Island- East Beach

Last weekend M and I had the opportunity to get away for a long weekend at our favorite vacation spot- Bald Head Island. If you've never been there before, Bald Head Island is a very quiet island off the coast of North Carolina (off the tiny town of Southport to be exact). 
The best way to describe it is just to say that on BHI it's just a different way of living...

We made sure to head out to East Beach, our favorite spot from when we honeymooned at BHI last summer. On East Beach there's a good chance you'll be the only one around, even in if you're there in the summertime.
One of my favorite things about BHI is that there are no cars on the island, just golf carts. It's so fun to just putter around on golf carts waving to everyone you pass (yes, I am quite southern). 
Another fun thing about the island is that there are no hotels or high rises like at other beaches. Just big beautiful (gorgeous, unbelievably gorgeous) beach houses. My favorite thing to do on the island is just to drive around and look at them. 
I told him I would never cook again and he made a run for it. Just kidding!

My cute hubby. 
It was chilly, but being back at BHI was so relaxing we didn't mind a bit. 

We decided that weekend vacations are a must have for a healthy marriage. Any other weekend worthy trips you suggest? to planning our next adventure. Any travel recommendations? Things to do, places to see? Our one year anniversary is coming up and I could use some good travel ideas!