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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When The Kitchen Becomes a Putting Green

Or perhaps I should entitled this post "learning to live with a man". 

To my surprise the other day I turned on the sink disposal to hear a horrible, terrible grinding noise that seem to shake the whole sink. Obviously, there was something down that drain, and this wasn't a mere fork or spoon gone astray. 

After positioning my lighting just so and digging around with a couple of spoons (I wasn't about to put my hand down there!), out popped a golf ball. I suppose the sink's drain is the perfect size to be an indoor putting hole, isn't it?

To my husband's credit the golf ball found its way into the drain on its own. I guess this calls for a "no golf balls lain on any surface anywhere near the kitchen sink" mandate in our home. 


Aileen said...

This is so funny! So something that could happen to my sink, especially with golf season upon us. ha. Glad your sink is ok though! How is your new home? Do you feel settled yet?

Bethany said...

We love our new home! We just got the living room furniture arranged the other night and hung the drapes so it feels like home! (Though there are still nice little piles of bags and boxes just waiting for me to sort through). It's so much more suburban than the last place we lived and I just love that about it! You and Jeff are moving in the next few months, right?

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