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Friday, June 10, 2011

{Yogurt Pie}

Yogurt pie is my favorite warm weather treat and just perfect to take to a summer cookout because it doesn't melt as quickly as an ice cream based dessert would. 

And it's as easy as pie to make...

Ingredients: one graham cracker style pie crust (I use Oreo crushed cookie delicious), one tube of Cool Whip, and 4 pods of your favorite yogurt (I use Vanilla to go with my cookies & cream theme).

Mix up the whole tube of Cool Whip and all 4 yogurt pods in a mixing bowl. Mix well. 

 Admire your love bling as you pour the mixture into the crust. Wait- that's not a step...

...get back to your dessert project here and focus your eyes (and camera) on pouring the sweet & light mixture into the crust. 

Cover the pie with the plastic lid the pie crust came with. 

 Allow your husband to demonstrate safe handling techniques of yet-to-be-frozen-pie. 

After a couple hours (or just one if you're as inpatient for dessert as I am), remove your delicious little pie from the freezer. 


My hubby and I like it best when it's a tad melted. 


Hello Oreo pie crust. You're looking good tonight. 


What is your favorite refreshing dessert?


Christin {at} Carolina City Girl said...

ooh yum! what a great summertime dessert…and i'm with ya on the Oreo crust! sooooo good.

Aileen said...

This looks delicious! Right now, I love making smoothies and taking them to the pool on hot afternoons. The caption under the bling shot makes me laugh because it's so true!

Bethany said...

@ Christin: it is and so easy! I've found that Harris Teeter seems to be the only place that has the Oreo crusts, but so worth a trip to a specific grocery store.

@ Aileen: What a great idea to take smoothies to the pool! And I'm so glad you laughed at & agreed with the bling shot. :) Looking forward to meeting you for "real" very soon!

Kelly V. said...

I made this this afternoon and it was the most delicious treat this evening! I added oreos to the top just because we had them on hand, but goodness it was easy. Thanks for sharing!

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