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Monday, July 11, 2011

{Bald Head Island: Golf Cart Parade}

During our recent Bald Head Island vacation we got to experience Bald Head Island's 4th of July golf cart parade. I knew Bald Head Island vacationers took this tradition seriously, but I had no idea just how creative they would get...

The Beverly Hillbillies 

The whole gang is here!

Dog Island. And might I point out that that skate boarding "dog" in pink shorts was attached to the float by a leash. 

Paying homage to the troops that defend our free country. 

And yes, the helicopter rotors actually spun. 

Even the "Amish" turned out for the parade. 

Sea turtles are a big deal on BHI because it's a sea turtle conservatory. There were several turtle themed golf cart brigades but I thought this 1970s hippie theme was the most creative. 

Would you believe those were actually all golf carts underneath that impressive decor? If you could design your own golf cart float would your theme be? I think I would do a Vineyard Vines themed float since it's such perfect coastal style. Maybe I could even toss Vineyard Vines accessories off the float, maybe something like this Vineyard Vines Koozie that Coastal Urge tossed out to me from their golf cart float (lucky catch. Very lucky catch)...

What golf cart theme would I see you driving down the island?


Aileen said...

oooh I love the Vineyard Vines koozie! Super cute. Yes, you should definitely do a Vineyard Vines golf cart :)

Bethany said...

Glad you like the Vineyard Vines idea.
You should have an Anthropologie golf cart :)

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