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Thursday, July 14, 2011

{If You Had Your Own Chic Little Business}

List of possible careers:

magazine editor
wedding planner
interior designer
news anchor
freelance writer
cookbook author 
pastry chef

Lately I've been contemplating the thought of starting my own little business. Nothing big that would take over my life (I know, they all say that right?), but something to bring in a little money and have fun with. Think along the lines of a mommy business, only I'm not a mommy. 20 hours a week or less. Fun. Doesn't interfere with family time. You get my gist? 

 I worked for two separate small business during college and I loved the sense of ownership that comes with working with a small business or start-up, rather than just being a number in a big company (employee number 3,587 please report to the HR department).

I snapped this photos on my phone one day when I was writing for a wedding planner in college. I'm pretty sure every girl I know has gone through the "I want to be a wedding planner" phase. J Lo you did us no justice by idealizing that job with Matthew Mcconaughey.

 If you could start any small business what would it be? (Etsy shop? Photography? Organic bakery?....) What would you call it and what would make your business unique? 

I really enjoy photography. Maybe I should make that into a business? I know I'm a newbs and would have a way to go, but I'm growing fonder of the idea of photographing babies, families, children and couples.

Leave a comment with your little imaginary (or real!) small business or write a post about it on your blog and leave a working link in the comment box and let's swap some women owned business ideas. 


Romance In A Glance said...

Mine is a wedding planner that owns a wedding boutique. LOL :) You hit it right on the money!

Oh and a professional dancer. I'm trained in almost every style :)

Bethany said...

Great small business ideas! Thanks for sharing yours. They both sound like they would be great adventures :)

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