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Sunday, August 14, 2011

{ Painted Baby Name Nursery Decor }

Remember that blog post with the painted baby name letters? My sister-in-law, Katie, had the idea to paint wooden letters in the baby's name to decorate the nursery. Here's how we did it...

 Plain white wooden letters from Hobby Lobby. (Less than $2 a letter with Hobby Lobby coupons)

Katie chose colors that would incorporate different elements of the room such as the drapes, crib, glider chair, and baby crib bumper. 

Some of the darker paints came out a little bit splotchy on the letters, so we used a sponge painting finish. Perfect creative problem solving!

Katie painting away. See that wall art behind her? She made that too. Just canvases and fabric from a craft store, another DIY. 

The finished product. It was so much fun to do this, and I thought it turned out really well. Katie did the "E" and I love that "E". I think it's my favorite letter design in this whole set. 

I got spiral happy on the letter "C"

I hope Caleb is enjoying his new wall decor. Well, maybe he'll be able to appreciate it in a few years. 


Romance In A Glance said...

So cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bethany said...

You're welcome, glad you liked this post! said...

That turned out very nice. We love to see project like these using wooden letters.

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