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Thursday, September 1, 2011

{ Muscle Brownies }

I get it, a "muscle brownie" sounds kinda weird and less than appealing. But trust me, these tasty little protein bars blew me out of the water. Who knew a bar stacked with 20 grams of protein could actually taste like dessert? And if it weren't for the free samples dude at our local Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, I would never have known these delicious little bars. When you're busy in a classroom of a dozen 5 year olds like I am, easy to eat energy food is a must. Because who has time for a 5 year old to take scissors to their hair? (Seriously, this did occur  a couple days ago) 
Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie is my grab-a-bite-and-go energy food

Lenny & Larry are the new Ben & Jerry. Thank you for creating the Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie


What are your top picks for easy on the go eats that are both good for you and your taste buds? 


Aileen said...

hmm. I'll have to look for this next time I visit Whole Foods. Looks like a good on-the-go snack.

Bethany said...

Yes, super yummy and great energy!

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