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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bridesmaids' Dinner

This past weekend I had the joy of being Matron of Honor for my sweet friend Caitlin. She's smart, genuine, organized, pretty, creative, stylish and loves God. No wonder Tyler called her before any other guy could- she's quite a catch! 

You may have read my post about the bachelorete brunch I got to host for Caitlin the weekend before her wedding. Just a few days later all the bridesmaids, the bride, and the mothers got to gather together for a very special bridesmaids' dinner. It was a classy and relaxing evening- and oh...the food was INCREDIBLE. Here's a look...

The beautiful bride-to-be, who always puts together the most adorable outfits. 

Bridesmaids Brittany and Goldie and the talented wedding singer, Katie. I absolutely enjoyed every minute I got to spend with these Meredith College girls over the wedding weekend. Especially since I'm now a grad and no longer get to run into such sweet MereCo ladies about campus. 

Every little detail was well-thought out. These monogrammed napkin rings...perfectly classy! I wish I had thought to put some of these on my registry.  

 If this were a restaurant, I would order this salad every time.  

I have no idea what the main dish was called, but it reminded me of a very gourmet version of the southern favorite Ham Delight. It was chicken and ham baked in a flaky crust with a lemon poppyseed sauce on top. Potatoes are always good and you know it's fine dining when there's asparagus on the side.  

This was one of the most fun desserts I've ever had. 6 square thin mint cookies made into a box (and held together by melted chocolate) were filled with raspberry creme puree. It's probably a good thing I don't know where to find square thin mint cookies because I'd make this way too much.  

And all of a sudden I insert a picture of the bride and the mother of the groom crawling around on the floor, heels and all. There has to be a good story behind this one, right? About halfway through dinner Caitlin's sweet mom realized that one of the diamonds from her engagement ring (her mom's engagement ring, not Caitlin's) was missing. We searched the carpets on hands and knees, and a couple people chirped up that we should snap a photo- memory to laugh about in 20 years, right? We even took apart the bathroom sink where she had washed her hands. Nothing! The diamond was missing and what are the chances of that happening on the wedding weekend? But Caitlin's mom took it all in stride and we all got back to dinner. I admire her ability to roll with the punches, something I'm working hard to be able to do. 

I guess it just goes to show anything can happen when it comes to weddings...from gourmet salads to missing diamonds. 


Aileen said...

I love your wedding posts! I just went to one on Friday. I just love everything about weddings. It's so much fun to see two people insanely in love and so happy. It's so sweet that you were the MOH!
...and how sad about the diamond!

Bethany said...

Thanks, Aileen- I'm glad you like them! I agree, it's so wonderful to see two people so in love and happy. And it was so sweet to be her support her in that way was truly memorable. More weddings posts to come!

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