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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fresh Eating at the State Fair

Last weekend the hubby and I decided to spend the afternoon at the state fair. We were there for over 6 hours and we didn't ride a single ride or pay for a single over priced heart-attack-on-a-plate fried food item. In fact, we ate well without having to pay for any food items. How did we do it? I'm glad you asked...

We sampled a wide variety of cranberry juices at the Ocean Spray tent. The sparkling juice and the cranberry juice with cherry were the best among the Ocean Spray nectar. Any ideas on where I could get some coupons for Ocean Spray?

We visited the Old Grist Mill for fresh, hot state fair hushpuppies. The interesting part of this mill is that they are actually using it. We got to see the process from corn to hushpuppies as we snacked. 

Mmm...Smitty's Apples sure smell good, though we didn't actually eat any. Just free smells and a photo op. 

 Now this tasty tale is about to get real good...
We stumbled upon an unassuming white tent with a simple sign reading "bread baking demonstration by Neomonde bakery". You had me at hello. 
For two solid hours we sat and watched Neomonde Bakery's entertaining French chef crack jokes and show us the simple joys of baking fresh bread. As he talked and baked he fed us plenty of samples of this gloriously fresh stuff. That's focaccia bread on the left there and walnut raisin pumpernickel on the right. Oh baby! 

Lots of yummy fresh bread made my Austrian reared husband a happy man. He grew up on this kinda stuff!

Fresh focaccia bread (10 minutes from the oven) with tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. I've tasted few things in my life as incredible as this. That is no lie.  This could have gone on for hours more and I would not have complained. 

 With tummies full of the French chef's delicious carbs we moved on to the see more sights such as these sparkly little Christmas ornaments. To early to get in the Christmas spirit? Never.

If it were up to me the only rides the fair would have would be the carousel and the ferris wheel. This is where I confess to you that I'm a 5 year old at heart. And yes, I do love animal crackers and juice boxes. I figured you'd ask. 

That's a whole lot of pumpkin pie! 

When I was a kid the Apex Lion's Club man was real. He sat there with his microphone telling passerbys about the piiiiiiieee. Now he's just a memory, but a recording of his "pieeeeeee" and a nice little cut-out for photo-ops keep his sweet southern memory alive, as does my husband who excitedly jumped in for this photo op. 

 I want to know how you get to be a taste tester for the baked goods competition. Seriously. 
 So close yet so far from such sweet confections. Darn glass case. 
This reminded me of those homemade oatmeal cream pies I discovered on Pinterest last August and keep meaning to make. 

Just sitting on a giant adirondack chair letting that fresh eating digest. Shortie over here had a little trouble getting on and off that giant chair. 

Finally we've managed to get another photo with us both. It's a miracle that ought to become a habit. 

What do you enjoy eating at fairs and festivals?


Aileen said...

Cute post! Looks like you had a fun time. We haven't gone to any fairs this year. The bread looks delicious! I would love to try that if I went.

Bethany said...

Thanks, Aileen! I'm sure you woud have loved the fresh bread. If we went to the fair together we'd definitely be healthy eating buddies you and me!

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