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Monday, October 31, 2011

You Shouldn't Take More Than One Candy While Trick-or-Treating

Today at school I sat down with a couple of my young students while they were busy coloring pictures. I asked them what they were going to be for trick-or-treat tonight as I could feel the excitement of impending costumes and candy whirl throughout the classroom. They began to animatedly describe their costumes- one a Duke cheerleader and the other Cinderella "before she became a princess", both fabulous options in my opinion. They were so excited to tell me about their plans for trick-or-treat I decided I'd keep the conversation going. 
I asked them what candies they were most hopeful they'd receive tonight. Of course they knew exactly what sweet confections they'd like best to ingest before the sugar highs would surely ensue (me...I'd probably go with Twix bars if I could). One of the little dears then began to tell me that her dad told her to only take one candy per house (wise move!). But...she once saw a little boy take two candies instead of one and "she was pretty sure he's in jail now." 

Oh, the imaginations of little ones never fail to delight me! 

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a safe and fun evening.
What are your plans? 


Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

Too cute! Good luck tomorrow with all the sugar-filled children! :o)

Aileen said...

How funny! I loved this and told people at work. Kids' imaginations are hilarious.

Bethany said...

Lauren- my thoughts exactly! ;)

Aileen- Glad you liked this and had some good laughs. They really are just too funny!

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