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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dream Drops

Just the other weekend, Mike and I made a trip to Downtown Durham's most hipster place of all- The Golden Belt. The Golden Belt, a completely renovated textile mill, is now filled with local artist studios, dining, and modern loft apartments. 

Our trip to The Golden Belt was for one very special reason. Long story short, I've admired local artist Eleatta Diver's Dream Drops paintings for a while now. So when a mutual friend connected us last spring and Eleatta asked if I'd be willing to trade my assistance in event planning for her latest gala in return for artwork my answer was of course a resounding "YES!"
This is my favorite in the series- Dream Drops in Lavender

Eleatta was very gracious and offered to paint a full size original version of a Dream Drops painting for our home. Here we are (Eleatta and me) in her studio at The Golden Belt. 

The pictures really just don't do it justice- it's stunning. We feel so blessed to have this gorgeous original painting by a talented artist in our home. This is definitely something that would never fit into a newlywed budget so what a blessing Eleatta's generosity is!

Along with her Dream Drops series, which remain my favorite, I also love The Dream Bearer. Maybe someday down the road for a nursery? We'll see. 

In the meantime, we're having a wonderful time admiring our Dream Drops painting while munching on our morning bowls of oatmeal...

How do you incorporate art and design into your home?

And just so you know, Wearable Wednesday link-up will be back this Wednesday with a Christmas theme so get your posts ready to share the wearable items on your Christmas list. 


Aileen said...

I love the Dream Drops painting. It's beautiful. How sweet & generous of her to paint it for you. It looks great in your dining room.

Bethany said...

Thanks, Aileen! We are really enjoying this beautiful gift of art in our dining room! Just FYI she sells prints too if you like the look of the Dream Drops but want something more budget friendly. Also, she told me she's soon to release a new lower cost home decor collection. I'm excited about that!!

Eleatta Diver said...

Bethany, I LOVE this! What a beautiful space it creates! I'm passionate about finding the right location and setting for a piece of are! You nailed it!!!! haha Pardon the pun!

Bethany said...

Eleatta, Thank you- we were delighted to find that that particular space was just perfect! And the track lighting really shows off your gorgeous painting. We enjoy it everyday, thank you so much for your gift of beauty!

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