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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving: Car Rides, Cranberry Cheese, and an Austrian Pianist

Our Thanksgiving holiday began with one very crazy idea: driving from warm North Carolina to chilly Chicago land. 15 hours of driving. Don't try this at home, kids.  

If you are brave (or crazy) enough there's several key elements you'll need to survive such as Mariah Carey's Christmas CD (keep it on repeat), plenty of peanut butter sandwiches, and hair ties to style a French braid when real boredom hits.

6 states. With the exception of West Virginia's mountains, they all pretty much looked like this. Oh how I missed the pretty pines of North Carolina!

Let's just say we were excited to reach our destination, our big smiles were proof.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunt Kathy whipping up some mashed potatoes. 

Grandma Schneider, she's like the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies...the best part!

Yummy cheese spread topped with cranberries and nuts, so good! Now I wish we had some of this for the drive back. Well, maybe that wouldn't be good because I would eat it all! 

We munched on appetizers and enjoyed drinks before settling down in the Rocco's gorgeously set dining room, all ready for Thanksgiving dinner. 

After dinner Mike enjoyed the piano... 

and my favorite Austrian pianist spent most of the evening filling the house with music. It was certainly a treat of an evening! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm already so excited to get home to our suburban nest and decorate for Christmas. ho, ho, ho y'all! 

How have you been celebrating?


Mike Schneider said...

Can we go back soon? I had a great time with you.

Bethany said...


Rosalina said...

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