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Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (Break)

Christmas break. Those two sweet words evoke a sense of peace and calm. Or if you're in your first year of teaching the under 6 crowd it means the sniffles, a box of tissues and pjs all day. Just my luck, I catch a cold the first day of Christmas break. It's really not so bad because now I just have an even more valid excuse to waste time on Pinterest, right?

Despite my husband's prodding that I lay down and rest, my A-type personality wouldn't let me relax for long yesterday. I made Pear Pie for the first time. I based it off a recipe I found in the Nov/Dec Clean Eating issue. Which reminds me of teacher gifts...

Cookie dough wrapped in butcher's paper & wrapping paper and then rolled up in a magazine with a ribbon. Cutest teacher gift ever, right? Pinterest worthy and I'm totally going to borrow this gift giving idea. 

I never realized how much teacher gifts meant till I was on the other side. It's such a blessing when parents make a point to thank you for the time, love, and energy you're investing in their children. I was overwhelmed by their gratitude. 

Got to love the backwards "S" and the lowercase "i" among all the uppercase letters!

And I was so surprised by how spot-on this gift was...
...someone knows me very well! A monogrammed Tervis Tumbler with a Duke Blue lid is definitely very Mrs. Schneider. I'm going to be using this a lot next semester. And maybe I should add some Emergen-C immune booster to my water to help me stop getting these colds. I hear it works. 

And on the topic of surprisingly spot on husband came home the other day with this bouquet of flowers and I was floored at how perfectly it complimented our decor. He's good about stepping out on a limb and trying new things, like this lily-iris-purple carnation-golden rod-eucalyptus arrangement that actually works really well. I could take a cue from him on the whole trying new things concept. 

From healthy dessert and cold remedies, to gifts of gratitude and flowers I've got to say: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Break 2011. 


deb duty said...

Such sweet teacher gifts! I love the cookie dough in the magazine idea. Hope your cold is gone soon!

Bethany said...

Deb- aren't they such sweet gifts? And yes, love the creativity of the cookie dough in the magazine. Thanks for your well wishes for my cold. Merry Christmas!

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