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Friday, January 28, 2011

Swagger Wagon

Alright, I swore it off. But now I officially want a mini-van. But please, don't jump to baby bump here! I simply love the Swagger Wagon Video. Someday, I want to roll to play dates in as much style as the Sienna family. 

Where my kids at?!?!?!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Thoughts From Our Southern Wedding

At work, we recently put together a blog post about the top wedding trends to look for in 2011. One of my favorites is the ever growing vintage trend. While I didn't officially know of this trend when planning my own wedding, I had been favoring a subtle vintage look at the time and incorporated several vintage inspired elements into my big day. It all started with my vintage influenced engagement ring which looked similar to this...

And the vintage trend continued with the very Jackie Kennedy bridesmaids''s a picture...

And the vintage theme continued at the reception which took place in a lovely old southern house. Very traditional and quite old south style. It was my wedding day fairytale dream...

And on the vintage theme goes with little touches such as the mixed and matched decorative china (which if you're planning a wedding might be helpful to know that renting china is comparable in price to using disposable. Plus it's sustainable and more eco-friendly!)...

I've always loved the look of combining the classic style of vintage pieces (like the china above) with modern touches (like the chic little cupcakes from Ashley's Cakes). From my own wedding planning experience, and now working in weddings, I've learned that by mixing traditional with contemporary  you can achieve a fabulous custom look that's really all your own (and often times for a more budget friendly price!)

 Besides, what southern girl doesn't love enjoying stylish wedding cupcakes on china that has an old fashioned flare?

P.S. Sweet tea and lemonade where the beverages of choice if you were curious. Yes, southern sweetness all the way...

...And in case you're wondering...our bridesmaids' dresses and shoes were from David's Bridal (but they are not longer available, I've had several people ask!), we got our rentals from CE Rentals, our caterer was Green Planet Catering, and our photographers were Walters & Walters.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summer Dreams...In The Middle Of Winter

It's January and a "snow day" here. Well, actually it's just icy outside from the sleet we had last night. Not quite as beautiful as a snow day, but I get to stay home today so I won't complain! It looks frozen outside (and it is), my feet feel frozen despite running the heat, and I'm as un-tan as the first Queen Elizabeth once was.
What's on my mind? Summer time and the beach...sun dresses, sand in between my toes, the smell of the breezy salt air. I just can't get Bald Head Island off the mind. At least it's only a matter of months till we see our perfect island getaway again. In the meantime I thought I'd share a few of my favorite BHI memories from our late May honeymoon. Stay warm and dream of summertime...

One of the best parts of BHI? No high rises or hotels, meaning less people on the island, which all adds up to one very relaxing and serene getaway. 
Miles of our own little paradise.
Oh southern beaches, oh oh southern beach islands!
Doesn't this look like something out a Nicholas Sparks movie?

The hubby, paddle surfing. I prefer to stay dry. This Austrian skier knew I was an indoor girl when he married me. 

Island breakfast: French toast, made at noon nevertheless, because who can fight the blissful relaxation of sleeping in on this quiet island?

J'adore the marina! 

And the houses...equally j'adore!
Imagine walking up to this to when you come home. 

Untouched beauty everywhere...God really is a magnificent designer. 

And this sight is what greets you when you arrive and bids you farewell when you depart, making it quite difficult to every depart. 

What parts of summertime are you most anticipating?