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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

Tea or coffee. It's a fight so fierce you might be able to equate it to Duke versus UNC. Okay so that's something only us RDU locals would get. Maybe I should say a fight so fierce it's comparable to Nikon vs. Canon? Okay so that's something only photography enthusiasts would get. Dunkin Donuts versus Krispy Kreme? Well you get the point. 

Tea or coffee. 
Where does your allegiance lie?

Me? Well I've gone back and forth quite a bit. As a child I played tea party with tea and milk courtesy of mom. In high school I went through a homemade cafe mocha phase (coffee with plenty of cocoa powder). Come college I realized soy milk goes just beautifully in coffee. And when visiting my husband's grandmother I realized how delightful a cup of properly brewed tea can be. 

For the last several months I've been on a daily tea kick. Water just doesn't taste good to me in the morning, I crave that warm mug of tea with 2 splendas, a squirt of agave, and a touch of vanilla almond milk. 

My current favorite is Lipton Caramel Vanilla pyramid tea bags. They look pretty, have a handy little tea bag "handle" and taste so delicious (not to mention the yummy sweet aroma of this tea). 

All this to say, I'd love to add a little variety to my warm morning drink. Whether you're a coffee fan or tea fan tell me- what's your favorite brew or steep? And How do you to fix it?