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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party Planning: Bachelorette Brunch

Last weekend I got the pleasure of hosting a bachelorette brunch for my sweet friend Caitlin. As her Matron of Honor I wanted to host an event that would be memorable and special for Caitlin. I knew she loved brunch and would want to keep things very classy for her bachelorette. A Saturday morning bachelorette brunch was the perfect solution! I mean seriously, who doesn't love an excuse to have breakfast twice in one day? Here's a little peek at our Saturday morning fun...

I wrapped silverware in white napkins and tied them with ribbons to dress things up a bit more and add a girly touch.

Yummy bridal brunch eats included:
- smoothies in wine glasses.
- party platter with whole grain crackers (thank you Target for Archer Farms...just $2.19 for a box of yummy whole grain crackers), cheese, hummus, and grapes.
- pumpkin loaf with cream cheese courtesy of fellow bridesmaid Goldie who used this Pinterest recipe, only she made it healthier by substituting applesauce for butter. 
- whole grain muffins with nut topping courtesy of another fellow bridesmaid, Brittany.

Something blue.

I got Caitlin back for the fantastically funny gag gifts she gave me at my bachlorette. This was a part of her honeymoon necessities bag I gave her including Redi-Whip. Laughter quickly ensued and the beautiful bride took it all in stride. What a trooper! 

Marriage inspiration vase. A simple vase from Target decorated with scrapbooking pearls and jewels. I asked each of the girls to fill it with a few quotes, scriptures, or wishes for the bride and groom. Caitlin can keep it in their new home and pull one out to read whenever she needs encouragement. 

I felt incredibly blessed to spend such a special time with these high quality ladies. This party reminded me how important it is to surround yourself with good friends, a priceless asset in life. 

Congratulations, Caitlin! 

Any party hosting tips up your sleeve?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

Tea or coffee. It's a fight so fierce you might be able to equate it to Duke versus UNC. Okay so that's something only us RDU locals would get. Maybe I should say a fight so fierce it's comparable to Nikon vs. Canon? Okay so that's something only photography enthusiasts would get. Dunkin Donuts versus Krispy Kreme? Well you get the point. 

Tea or coffee. 
Where does your allegiance lie?

Me? Well I've gone back and forth quite a bit. As a child I played tea party with tea and milk courtesy of mom. In high school I went through a homemade cafe mocha phase (coffee with plenty of cocoa powder). Come college I realized soy milk goes just beautifully in coffee. And when visiting my husband's grandmother I realized how delightful a cup of properly brewed tea can be. 

For the last several months I've been on a daily tea kick. Water just doesn't taste good to me in the morning, I crave that warm mug of tea with 2 splendas, a squirt of agave, and a touch of vanilla almond milk. 

My current favorite is Lipton Caramel Vanilla pyramid tea bags. They look pretty, have a handy little tea bag "handle" and taste so delicious (not to mention the yummy sweet aroma of this tea). 

All this to say, I'd love to add a little variety to my warm morning drink. Whether you're a coffee fan or tea fan tell me- what's your favorite brew or steep? And How do you to fix it? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Durham Farmers Market

To kick off the long weekend, my husband and I ventured out to the Durham Farmers Market in Central Park early on Saturday morning. 

Chowing down on local and organic samples. 

For all you Veggie Tales fans out there, this one is in honor of Bob the Tomato. I suppose I have an excuse to be a Veggie Tales fan, I work with children. (I will always find an excuse to be a Veggie Tales fan. Always). 

I think these are some sort of eggplant like vegetable. Regardless of their moniker I thought they made a pretty photo. 

My hubby reminding us of his days as a Duke student. Yes, he slept out for months at a time in freezing temperatures to snag tickets, a Krzyzewskiville right of passage. I might make a bad Duke student 'cause I sure rather have my comfy bed and running water than tickets to a big game. 

I too am locally grown. 

A pumpkin can only mean one thing: fall is just around the corner. Cool crisp mornings, changing leaves, and plenty of pumpkin based treats can not come soon enough. I think I can smell the pumpkin bread already. Or, maybe that's just crumbs burning in my toaster oven.  

Because many people want to bring their pet ostriches to the Farmer's Market.  

I am always a fan of flowers in Mason jars.  It's such a simple, rustic, southern look. 

Durham Central Park, home of the tasty, the local, and the natural. 

Grossing other market goers out. Typical. 

Those eyes, gets me every time. 

Have you ever been to a Farmer's Market? Do you have any good ideas for using plenty of fresh veggies and fruit?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ode to the City Flat

Here's a little ode to my favorite shoe, the Gap City Flat.

You look so cute upon my feet, 
It's as if we'd always been destined to meet. 

With an assortment of colors from which to choose, 
I always knew my toes were meant for you. 

"Designed to fold and pack" your tag reads, 
"Padded sole for extra comfort" is exactly what this girl needs. 

They said you would fold, but this is simply profound,
With you on my feet I can take on the highest ground. 

And I might want to add, just for a savings tale,
I got both these pairs for just $11.03 thanks to a sale. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

{ Muscle Brownies }

I get it, a "muscle brownie" sounds kinda weird and less than appealing. But trust me, these tasty little protein bars blew me out of the water. Who knew a bar stacked with 20 grams of protein could actually taste like dessert? And if it weren't for the free samples dude at our local Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, I would never have known these delicious little bars. When you're busy in a classroom of a dozen 5 year olds like I am, easy to eat energy food is a must. Because who has time for a 5 year old to take scissors to their hair? (Seriously, this did occur  a couple days ago) 
Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie is my grab-a-bite-and-go energy food

Lenny & Larry are the new Ben & Jerry. Thank you for creating the Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie


What are your top picks for easy on the go eats that are both good for you and your taste buds?