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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monster Apples

Recently my brother came into town for the weekend for the first time since moving to Kentucky. Of course, this meant a family get-together was in order. We hit The Streets at Southpoint for a wood fire grilled dinner at Firebird's...

Sad to say I have no pictures of our yummy dinner. It was way too dark in the restaurant for me to even want to dare to try to capture a good food shot. Pictures and dark lighting aside, the meal was delicious. I ordered the spinach salad and loaded baked potato (which was already well seasoned so I didn't even use any of the loaded toppings on it). And Mike ordered the Wood Grilled Salmon. We split as usual and both dishes were delicious and healthy enough that we didn't leave the restaurant in a food comma.

What a solid big brother I've been blessed with! He has undoubtedly been a positive influence in my life. 

After dinner we made a stop by the ultimate treats shop, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We picked up an Apple Pie apple as well as my all time favorite (drum role please) The Monster Apple.  

It's as good as it looks, every bite. 

I use to be a chocolatier at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Southpoint (or RMCF as we called it). It's owned by the sweetest Christian couple who have one of the most amazing testimonies of God's work in their lives that I've ever heard. It's worth stopping in there for a generous free sample and a quick chat if you live in the area.

 And yes, because I know you're thinking it, I ate A LOT of chocolate covered apples when I worked there. Man, I miss that job. 

My charming husband decided to demonstrate what a monster eating a Monster Apple might look like...

It's good to get your inner theatrical self on every now and then, right?

Much chocolate was had by all, and that is what I call ending the evening on a high note. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dream Drops

Just the other weekend, Mike and I made a trip to Downtown Durham's most hipster place of all- The Golden Belt. The Golden Belt, a completely renovated textile mill, is now filled with local artist studios, dining, and modern loft apartments. 

Our trip to The Golden Belt was for one very special reason. Long story short, I've admired local artist Eleatta Diver's Dream Drops paintings for a while now. So when a mutual friend connected us last spring and Eleatta asked if I'd be willing to trade my assistance in event planning for her latest gala in return for artwork my answer was of course a resounding "YES!"
This is my favorite in the series- Dream Drops in Lavender

Eleatta was very gracious and offered to paint a full size original version of a Dream Drops painting for our home. Here we are (Eleatta and me) in her studio at The Golden Belt. 

The pictures really just don't do it justice- it's stunning. We feel so blessed to have this gorgeous original painting by a talented artist in our home. This is definitely something that would never fit into a newlywed budget so what a blessing Eleatta's generosity is!

Along with her Dream Drops series, which remain my favorite, I also love The Dream Bearer. Maybe someday down the road for a nursery? We'll see. 

In the meantime, we're having a wonderful time admiring our Dream Drops painting while munching on our morning bowls of oatmeal...

How do you incorporate art and design into your home?

And just so you know, Wearable Wednesday link-up will be back this Wednesday with a Christmas theme so get your posts ready to share the wearable items on your Christmas list. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving: Car Rides, Cranberry Cheese, and an Austrian Pianist

Our Thanksgiving holiday began with one very crazy idea: driving from warm North Carolina to chilly Chicago land. 15 hours of driving. Don't try this at home, kids.  

If you are brave (or crazy) enough there's several key elements you'll need to survive such as Mariah Carey's Christmas CD (keep it on repeat), plenty of peanut butter sandwiches, and hair ties to style a French braid when real boredom hits.

6 states. With the exception of West Virginia's mountains, they all pretty much looked like this. Oh how I missed the pretty pines of North Carolina!

Let's just say we were excited to reach our destination, our big smiles were proof.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunt Kathy whipping up some mashed potatoes. 

Grandma Schneider, she's like the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies...the best part!

Yummy cheese spread topped with cranberries and nuts, so good! Now I wish we had some of this for the drive back. Well, maybe that wouldn't be good because I would eat it all! 

We munched on appetizers and enjoyed drinks before settling down in the Rocco's gorgeously set dining room, all ready for Thanksgiving dinner. 

After dinner Mike enjoyed the piano... 

and my favorite Austrian pianist spent most of the evening filling the house with music. It was certainly a treat of an evening! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm already so excited to get home to our suburban nest and decorate for Christmas. ho, ho, ho y'all! 

How have you been celebrating?