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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Butterfly Snacks for Children (and children at heart!)

I made these for my students (they're pre-kindergarten age) last month and thought they were too cute (and tasty!) not to share on the blog.

These kid friendly treats are super easy to make: You just decorate a clothes pin however you like (I drew a smiley face with an extra fine sharpie and then used glitter glue to add a little sparkle to the body). Fill a snack baggie (sandwich baggies work too)  with healthy goodies, twist the snack baggie in the center and pin into the clothes pin. For antennae I used a pipe cleaner cut in half, shaped it into a "V" and added a little twist on the ends. 

I even put one in my hubby's lunch. He absolutely loves animal crackers as much as I do so I don't think he was too embarrassed. 

If you don't want to use animal crackers there are plenty of snack ideas that work well with this such as grapes, berries, crackers, nuts, raisins and other dried fruits, trail mix, and dry cereal to name a few. 

Is it just me or are animal crackers so addicting? 

And no, you're never too old to have animal crackers or butterfly bags in your lunch. 

Do you have other fun ideas for kid-friendly snacks? I'm already on the search for a cute (and hopefully relatively healthy) snack/treat to give my class for Valentine's Day. If you have an idea leave me a comment and let me know! 


JUST ME said...

Animal crackers. Can't ever go wrong. Ever.

Bethany said...

JUST ME- My thoughts exactly! :) Thanks for your comment!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea! My daughter would love this!

Bethany said...

Sarah- glad you stopped by and I'm glad to give you an idea that I hope your daughter will really enjoy. The best part can re-use the clothespin part so it's super easy the next time you want to pack an extra cute snack.

Angi said...

thanks for sharing the great idea.

Bethany said...

Angi- you're very welcome! Glad you like the idea. Thanks for stopping by!

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