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Monday, February 6, 2012

Comfy. Chic. Warm.

I've got to admit, the drop in temperature from our mild warm winter has got me piling on the layers. Though I'm not a fan of the chillier temperatures, piecing together a comfy, chic, warm outfit like this one sure does make the cold seem a little less bitter...
Comfy, yet chic

Comfy, yet chic by bethanyschneider 

Question: How do you stay warm and layer without just adding bulk? I've found that leggings, my favorite Ugg boots (thanks, mom!), and scarves are all great ways to add layers and avoid that eskimo feeling of one too many layers. 


Sonja said...

Hi Bethany! This outfit looks great, so comfy but still classy. Whenever I am cold I just get into bed with a hot water bottle and some reading material :-)

Bethany said...

Hi Sonja- thank you! Comfy is always a must-have for me, but I also think it can be classy too! Great idea on the hot water bottle and some good reading material. That sounds like my kind of solution!

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