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Sunday, February 12, 2012

With Love From Durham

This weekend Mike and I decided to kick off our Valentine's celebrating with a morning in Downtown Durham.  We headed out to Durham Central Park for the Durham Farmer's Market, one of our favorite creative date ideas. 

Our first stop in the Farmer's Market was at Berenbaum's donut and coffee stand for a sample of their red velvet donut. Oh. My. Yummy. We like to each pick a different food to try and then we share.That's one of my favorite things about dates...getting to try each other's tasty picks! 

 Berenbaum's has a very unique approach to how they sell their tasty goodies. They use a sliding scale meaning you determine how much you think the baked good is worth and you pay that price. It's all about making good food available to everyone, regardless of economic class. We thought that was an interesting idea.

After sampling the sweets we ran into a woman who asked us if we were interested in sampling some vegan cheese. Yes, you betcha! 
She directed us to the table for Spread Gourmet Plant-Based Cheeze. We sampled a few varieties on crackers and the Goat Cheeze with Herbs was definitely our favorite, needless to say we didn't leave without some to take home. 

Next stop, I decided to leave my mark on the "With Love From Durham" art.

One of the vendors was giving away these adorable Valentine's necklaces, a fun piece of art to wear. 

A street DJ setting the mood. Yes, this is in true Durham style. 

Mini-pies from one of the market's vendors.  

Quick stop by Daisy Cakes in their new permanent spot in Central Park. I've already asked Mike to take me on a lunch date there sometime for a special treat.  I've been drooling over their menu. When the former pastry chef of the Washington Duke Inn decides to open a restaurant it's bound to be good. 

And a Berenbaum's red velvet donut for the road, a sweet treat to share on our way home from our Farmer's Market date.


Aileen said...

This Farmer's market looks like so much fun! I love the local eats. And I have never heard of a sliding scale pricing before, very interesting.

Bethany said...

Aileen- yes, isn't the Farmer's market a blast! :) I had never heard of the sliding scale pricing before Berenbaum's introduced me to it either. Maybe next time y'all visit we can all go out to a local food restaurant together or hit up one of the Farmer's markets here :)

Southern Gal said...

Makes me want to move to Durham!

Bethany said...

Thanks! Durham is a great place to live, work, and (of course) eat too! :)

Jenna {Real Simple Girl} said...

Wow! This date looks right up my alley! Goat cheese spread AND red velvet donuts?! Heavenly!!

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