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Friday, March 30, 2012

Caitlin's Senior Portraits @ Meredith College

I had such a wonderful afternoon photographing Caitlin's senior portraits at Meredith College. The weather looked like a rain storm could blow in at any moment. But fortunately the rain held off and the overcast day made for some beautiful, natural lighting. 
I hope you enjoy these image from Caitlin's senior portrait session...

(and if you're stopping by from P52 just scroll down a bit for my Details shot for this week's challenge) 

This image was taken in front of the Johnston Hall Rotunda, a place Meredith College girls get to know very well beginning with their high school visitation days. 

The onyx, an important symbol of the Meredith experience. It's a special ring students receive their junior year which includes a week long celebration known as "Ring Week". 

The walkway through the glass behind Caitlin is turned into a runway at the end of the school year when fashion students have the opportunity to showcase their designs.

Caitlin wanted to incorporate her new found love of taking photos into her senior portraits.


Danelle said...

Great shots! I really like the last one.

Susan said...

Well I know she loved these pictures! Awesome...

Annette said...

Beautiful job with the photo shoot! I really like the idea of doing it at her school...what wonderful memories she'll have!

Bethany said...

Danelle- thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

Susan-thank you, she did! :)

Annette- thank you! I agree, doing the shoot on campus makes it that much more special when she looks back at the photos!

Donna said...

Great shots. I love the way you used backgrounds that will mean something to her in the future. She will love these.

Bethany said...

Donna- thanks! I appreciate your feedback on the photos. I hope these will be photos she'll treasure for years to come! :)

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