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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green Drinks, Kale Chips, and Homemade Larabars

{Breakfast} Green Monster Smoothie in my new Starbucks re-usable cup. Long story short I used to use a to-go smoothie container that was so hard to open sometimes I couldn't get the lid off resulting in a brief episode of me banging the said smoothie container again the stove in the staff kitchen in a failed attempt to get that lid off. 

{Lunch} Amy's non-dairy burrito with homemade sweet potato fries followed by a whole grain fig bar courtesy of the bulk section at Whole Foods

{Snack} stealing plenty of bites while making homemade Larabar chocolate cookie balls

{Dinner} mini-pizzas made on Ezekiel English muffins topped with diced tomatoes, pizza sauce, and lactose-free cheese w/ a side of homemade kale chips.  Another green monster smoothie too. For dessert, homemade Larabar chocolate cookie delicious!

{Snack} raw almonds with raisins

What's on your plate?


Laura said...

One of those Starbucks tumblers is definitely on my wish list. They would come in so handy for smoothies and summer drinks!

Bethany said...

Yes- I had been saving a Starbucks gift card since Christmas. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, so this tumbler was the perfect way to spend the gift card. Just had a green smoothie in it this morning!

Aileen said...

It's funny I made sweet potato fries the other night too! What did you put in your green smoothie? Is it sweet or bitter (if you put kale in it)? I don't know if I can drink a green tasting smoothie. ha, does that make sense? I like fruit flavored smoothies better.

Bethany said...

Aileen- can't go wrong with sweet potato fries. I'm making them again today. I make my green smoothies fruit flavored and they're delicious! Perhaps I should post the recipe?

Thorough Lad said...

Vitamin Green tea is what I take before breakfast every day. I make a smoothie with wild blueberries, fresh ground Flax seed and juice or other tea, and add a banana and this is what I have to start my day.
Green drink

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