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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week in Review: Vegan Cakes, Daisies, and Juicing

Here's a look at the (birthday) week in review...

My birthday kicked off right with a sweet surprise from my students and fellow teachers. 
Inside the card each student made a creative contribution. Explaining hers, one of the girls described her picture:
"That's you, Mrs Schniiiiider. And that's me with 100 feet. And that's a trombone." (a hot pink trombone I might add)
No explanation on that one. 
Oh how I love these kids!

Birthday flowers from my husband. 
He explained the choice of a single pink gerbera among the white daisies,
"because you're the one for me". 

 For birthday dinner with the hubs I wanted to do something really different. We grilled out and I found these grass-fed, family farmed, organic hot dogs, a brief hiatus in my meatless lifestyle. 

I made a vegan cookie dough cake to which my husband added 24 sparkler candles. Good thing I've been practicing a little breathing in yoga lately 'cause they took some major breath to blow out. 
The cake was a variation on this recipe. I replaced the brown sugar with agave nectar and replaced some of the chick-peas with whole wheat pastry flour and ground flaxseed meal for a more cake-like texture. 

Oh. My. Goodness. The vegan chocolate blackberry cake a friend made for me the day after my birthday, delicious! 
I had some the following every day for breakfast.
And lunch. 
And afternoon snack. 
And after dinner.
I could keep going...

Saturday evening was our scheduled family birthday dinner with my parents. It's a family tradition that you get to go out to eat the week of your birthday and pick the spot. I picked Whole Foods Chapel Hill and no one was surprised by my health nutty choice.
It was my parents' first time eating there and they seemed to love it, especially the wide selection of food bars. When you've got a salad bar, pizza bar, BBQ bar, hot foods bar, sushi bar, taco bar, and trail mix bar how can you go wrong? 

I chose my usual favorite: vegan veggie pizza with a smorgasbord spinach salad. 

And here comes, you guessed it, another vegan birthday cake.  This one I based off this homemade Lara bar recipe that I made in cake form. It took all of 5 minutes to measure the ingredients and blend them in the food processor. No cooking required!

Thanks for bringing me into the world, mom & dad. 
Was that awkward to say? 

Birthday gift from mom...a juicer. Needless to say as soon as we got home from church Sunday afternoon we began to juice up a store making green juices.

Thankful for the family, friends, students, and co-workers who made this birthday week one to remember. I love you guys! 


Aileen said...

What a fun birthday! So glad you made a week out of it :)
1) The birthday card from your kids - hilarious!
2) The vegan chocolate blackberry cake sounds delicious. Also, I love that you had three birthday cakes. So fun!
3) Your striped shirt is super cute.
4) A juicer!! What an awesome gift. What kind did you get?

Happy Birthday again! Hope 24 brings a lot of new adventures!

Bethany said...

Aileen- thank you! :)
1) They are the funniest!
2) Yes, I agree completely! I keep trying to find excuses to make cakes again this week, haha!
3) Thank you, Old Navy!
4) The brand is Waring. It's wonderful. It's a professional grade juicer, my mom found it for a great deal at Tuesday Morning. Not sure if you have those stores up there, but they're great for finding high quality household appliances for a great price!

Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. And by the way...I love your organized numerical comment...totally my kind of thing!

Laura said...

Ah, so we totally have the same birthday! I turned 24, too!! That's crazy!

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