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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wearable Wednesday

Because I never leave home without it.

Whether it's heels and a dress or sweatpants and an old college t-shirt, one thing I never leave home without is a bag. I'm that girl who always totes everything she might possibly need with her. While it might seem cumbersome to some, at least I always have a snack when hunger strikes, tissues for when coffee spills, or bobbi pins for "one of those hair days".
I got this bag 2 years ago at Ann Taylor Loft. It was my treat to myself before we got married...I wanted to wear it on our honeymoon. Since then I've worn this purse most spring and summer days and it's still in fabulous condition. Worth the $50 I spent. Though I do love the classic look of Longchamps, this bag just might be my favorite of all the bags I've had. It's roomy and looks pretty which is often not an easy combination to find. 

Where do you shop for bags and what do you look for in a good bag?
I'm generally not a big splurger when it comes to bags. The nicest bags I own have been gifts. The most I've spent on a bag has been the $50 I spent on this bag. I look for a bag that has a compartment for my phone and another compartment that zips. Roomy bags are definitely a must for me. And I have to be able to sling it over my shoulder. 


Laura said...

This is such a cute bag and I love that it's neutral and will go with everything!

I don't usually spend a lot of bags either...except I splurged once on the Fossil Executive Tote while in college. It was great for transporting resumes and giving me a polished, professional look!

Bethany said...

Fossil is great, my only experience with them is actually a wallet I got my husband when we were first dating. But a few years later and that wallet is still in fabulous condition!

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