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Thursday, July 19, 2012

18 Weeks

I'm 18 weeks! 

Size of baby: 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces, or about the size of a large sweet potato. 

Baby is: According to what I've read, baby is moving a lot hiccuping, rolling, twisting, sucking,  kicking, and swallowing. At this point baby can hear noises outside the womb and the sources I've read say that means she'll favor music such as classical which is about 60 beats per minute, aka about how fast my heart is beating since she hears that all day and night. 

Maternity Clothes: If the photo above isn't proof enough I've officially moved out of regular clothes into maternity clothes. My mom and I had a girls' afternoon (which is now 3 generations since my bun in the oven came along), and spent a few hours at Destination Maternity at Southpoint. Robin who runs the store is so friendly and was very helpful as I wasn't really sure what I was doing at first since maternity clothes are different. If you live in the area I definitely recommend this store. We snagged some great on sale prices and mom treated me to some lovely clothes I'm excited to wear! Gaucho pants and gaucho capris, convertible cargo pants, A Pea in the Pod t-shirts, and a 3/4 sleeve sweater made their way home in my shopping bag. Maternity clothes are amazing, so comfy! I'm thinking I should do some blog posts about maternity clothes because they're surprisingly not that easy to find, but I'm discovering some great ones. 

Sleep: Sleeping well and still fairly comfortably. 

Gender: It's a GIRL! We're working on names which is lots of fun, but also a lot of responsibility. 

Cravings: My appetite is really picking up now. For lunch yesterday I ate two full peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread and shortly thereafter stole half of one of Mike's sandwichs, ha! Still craving more simple things though as I still have nausea if I eat too richly. Chocolate soy milk, peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat, apples and pears, and chicken noodle soup are all on my list of latest food cravings. 

Symptoms: Still have nausea so I'm trying to listen to my body about what foods I can and can't tolerate. Spider veins are there, and -hopefully this isn't TMI but really there seems to be no TMI when pregnant- my belly button has almost completely popped. 

Best moment of this week: I have 2 this week, getting to listen to our favorite music- the baby's heart beat- at our last midwife appointment. And maternity shopping with mom. 

"For this child I have prayed..." (1 Sam 1:27)

We love you and pray for you all the time, baby girl. You have already made us so proud just with the beat of your heart. Oh, and I think we're getting closer to a name for you. So maybe when we're practicing your possible names out loud you do a little extra wiggle to let us know which sounds best to you? 


Brie said...

Hi there! I posted a comment on your u/s post but it never made it.. Anyway congrats on the girl!! I have two (both also born at UNC) who are 6 and 2 and SO much fun! I has asked who your doctor was but I see you are using the midwives. How awesome are they?!?! I used the for both of my girls and am so glad I did!!! Kathy Higgins delivered my first and Meg Berreth my second. You are in good hands ;) good luck with your pregnancy.

Bethany said...

Hi Brie, thanks for the well wishes on our girl! :)

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