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Friday, July 27, 2012

19 Weeks

I'm 19 weeks!

Size of baby: 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces, estimate. 

Baby is: From what I've read Baby Girl Schneider's brain is developing nerve cells to refine her five senses- taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing. 

Maternity Clothes: Wearing all maternity clothes now. Thankful my mom gifted me with some super comfy, but super cute maternity clothes and I've been wearing those. It's fairly easy for me since I'm not working, I don't have to worry about finding dressy maternity clothes. I'm really enjoying these Secret Fit Belly Maternity Gaucho Capris from Destination Maternity. The shirt I'm wearing is A Pea in the Pod and I think it is just the prettiest shade of green. Mom and I were shopping and found it marked down from $45 to $15, Mom has a thing for finding good sales. 

Sleep: Sleeping good. I'm using pillows and a blanket to create my own body pillow to help sleeping on my side be more comfortable. 

Gender: It's a girl! And our girl has a name....shhhhhh for right now. 

Cravings: I'm trying to increase my calories as I've got a minimum of 20 pounds to gain (my midwife's goal for me). I've been eating lots of whole wheat linguine with spurts of spray butter (cheese and pasta sauce are both pretty unappetizing to my queasy tummy), peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread, and eating lots of clementines (I'll eat in 3 in one sitting, ha!). I'm also sneaking in extra calories with Silk chocolate soy milk and Silk Very Vanilla soy milk (dairy is just too much on my queasy tummy). I'm trying to make sure that as I increase my calories I'm also choosing foods that have good nutrients for our growing baby girl. 

Symptoms: Still some nausea and queasiness, but it's definitely getting better. I'm just careful about what I eat because certain foods definitely make my tummy feel worse. Belly button has almost completely popped! And I find I can't stand for very long or my legs start to ache. It's a good thing I decided not to return to work in the fall because I work in a pre-kindergarten classroom and five hours on my feet would be so hard! 

Best moment of this week: I felt her move! I've felt little things before, but I haven't really been able to distinguish if it was my little wiggle worm girl or just my dinner digesting. But I was sitting at the computer and felt this fluttery rolling sensation that was definitely baby girl. Practicing her somersaults in honor of the Olympics. 

"For this child I have prayed..." (1 Sam 1:27)

Baby Girl, like I always say- we pray for you all the time and love you so much and that won't change. Your Daddy took me shopping this week because he wanted to buy you a present. In fact, he came in late from work one night while I was sleeping and woke me up to tell me he wanted to go shopping and buy you a present the next day. He got you a little set of long sleeve onesies so you'll be warm this winter (Mommy's suggestion). And one of the onesies says "Daddy Loves Me". Of course, you won't need a onesie to remind you that we love you. We'll let you know everyday in everything we do. 


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