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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Late Week & Weekend

Here's a look at the late part of last week into the weekend...

Thursday afternoon brought my best girlfriend, Caitlin. 
And this Registered Dietitian in training brought a delicious treat- cake donuts from the Babycakes NYC recipe book. They were unbelievably delicious and food allergy friendly and healthy. 

Friday morning (and Thursday night) I was seriously couch bound with bad nausea and headaches. Thursday night was a little rough because my husband had to work really late and I was so sick. But he came home from work early on Friday afternoon to take care of me and bring me flowers and my favorite applesauce squeezers (pregnancy craving that is always easy on my tummy). 
I called my midwife for advice, which I guess was really more mental for me. She told me to stick to liquids (like applesauce squeezers, yum!) and by Friday evening I was so much better. And that was a good thing because we had house guests Friday evening! 

Soon to be married Ben (my hub's best friend) and Susie stayed with us as they were passing through our way to a wedding. Saturday before we all left for the wedding we snapped a few photos. You should check out Susie's blog, it's absolutely adorable! 

Ben was best man in our wedding and now Mike is best man in Ben's wedding. I always enjoy hearing tales of the crazy things they did in college like chasing a duck around campus in hopes of putting it in the wash room as a joke. I guess if we have a boy I'm in for a wild ride, ha! 

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. We're glad they'll only be living 3 hours away. That's totally driveable for a weekend visit. 

 Sunday morning I wasn't feeling well again, so my sweet husband cooked me breakfast...

Turkey bacon and scrambled eggs, I enjoyed this with a side of Silk Chocolate Soy Milk, my latest preggers cravings.

We also had some of the homemade Strawberry Jam Susie left us as a hostess gift. 
Oh was this jam delicious or what. Best jam I have ever had, hands down!


Aileen said...

Those donuts look delicious! It looks like you had a great week/weekend (despite feeling sick). Your new kitchen looks great too!

Cassidy said...

Yea those doughnuts do look pretty delish! Sounds like a good weekend and what a great hubby you have. I sure do not miss the nausea days! I remember with my first pregnancy I would eat apples all the time crazy but it really did help with the sickness. Also have you tried ginger? That helps too!

Anonymous said...

Fun post! That picture of our guys is a great one! Thanks for the shout out :) And I'm so glad you like the jam!

Bethany said...

Thanks for your sweet comments ladies...

Aileen: Thank you, we love our new kitchen, we are very thankful for what God has provided in this new home!

Cassidy: I've found apples to be a great help with the nausea too (And applesauce!). I need to give ginger more of a try.

Susie- You are so welcome, we thank you for the yummy jam. See you soon!

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