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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

22 Weeks (5 1/2 months)

Today @ 22 Weeks before heading to our early morning midwife appointment. I look a little deer in the headlights, but I had woken up at 5 so wasn't exactly perky camera-face ready to say the least, but the picture is about the bump anyways.

Size of baby: around 7 and a half inches long and 15 ounces (that's almost a whole pound!)

Baby is: Now sleeping in cycles (did you know a baby can have REM sleep and even dream before it's born?). She's probably sleeping around 12 to 14 hours a day. 

Maternity clothes: All maternity clothes here! The pink and green shirts in these pictures are Pea in the Pod from Destination Maternity. Though they're pricey I've been able to find a few Pea in the Pod shirts for a good sale price, and they're really so comfortable and wear well. Funny side note, part of my maternity wardrobe seems to have included kicking most make-up to the curb as well. Either it's the fact that I'm not working, or just preparing to simplify my routines pre-baby. 

Sleep: I've gotten used to sleeping on my side. The best part is when I first lay down to go to sleep or when I first wake up and I can feel her kicking around in there practicing her dance moves. 

Gender: It's a girl! And Grandma Osborne has already been kicking off her tiny wardrobe in precious pink style. 

@ 20 Weeks after dinner at home with Mike

Cravings: My appetite is picking up but the size of my stomach is shrinking (it's getting a little crowded in there!). Lots of snacking has done the trick. This week I've been eating lots of Triscuits (the Rosemary flavor..mmmmm) with cheese. Which up until now I haven't felt able to tolerate dairy much. Also, my cravings for the coldest ice water possible are stronger than ever. (Partly because when I drink cold things she seems to kick a little more.) And chicken is a reigning favorite. 

Symptoms: I wake up with leg cramps occasionally. I'm working on incorporating more potassium and calcium into my diet. 

Week's highlights: Feeling her move! Just starting a few days ago I've really been able to feel her (not just wondered if that was her moving or my dinner digesting). It's so fun. And Mike loves putting his hand on my bump so he can feel her little kicks. As I write this she's grooving away in there letting me know she's awake and that my icy water is a little too cold for her liking. 

 @ 21.5 weeks before heading to Virginia to visit friends

"For this child I have prayed..." (1 Sam. 1:27)

Baby Girl,

Can I even express how much I love feeling you kick around? It makes me so happy. As the weeks went by I was anxiously waiting for when I'd start feeling those kicks. And a few times I had thought I felt you, but wasn't sure. But now, oh now I can really feel you dancing and it's the best feeling ever. Your tiny life is priceless and we celebrate it everyday by praying for you, talking to you, playing music for you, delighting in your kicks, giving thanks to God for you, and making preparations for you. 

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Bethany! Like the first one, especially. So glad I got to see you guys last weekend. Let's eat fresh guacamole again soon! :)

Bethany said...

Thanks, Susie! I'm glad you like the pictures. And it was so great to visit y'all last weekend. I'm still craving fresh guac shared with wonderful friends! :)

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