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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maternity Photos & Her Name

You may have read my earlier post where we announced our baby girl's first name. Well now we're announcing her middle name too...

Caroline Faith 

You can read here how we chose her first name, Caroline. 

We've had this ultrasound collage on our mantel since 17 weeks. We're getting a non-medical 3D ultrasound next month and we're so excited. 

Your rolls and tumbles, twists and kicks are the best, Caroline! Sometimes when you're very active it makes me smile and laugh a little to look down and see you moving my belly bump around. Yesterday during ladies' Bible study at church you gave such a big pirouette that I wondered if anyone looking my direction had noticed. Keep dancing, baby girl. 

We are so excited to meet you, Caroline Faith. About 90 days now till your due date (but we wouldn't mind if you decided to come a few days early). 


Allison said...

Love it, the name and all your beautiful pictures!

Bethany said...

Thanks so much, Allison :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Bethany, you look GREAT! And, love her name! Beautiful!

Susan said...

Congrats! Sweet shots...♥

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