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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maternity Photos & Notes to Caroline

"For this child I have prayed..." (1 Samuel 1:27)

We love you, sweet Caroline. Every roll and tumble, every kick and arm stretch I feel you do in my belly delights me.Your daddy loves to put his hand on my belly and wait for you to move. Sometimes you're quiet. But sometimes, especially when he puts his face close to you and talks to you, you give a little kick right after. I think maybe you're just saying hello right back.

I love it when I lay down to go to sleep at night and then you get busy wiggling. I love it when I wake up in the middle of the night, or very early in the morning and I feel you kick. It's as if it's just you and me awake in the house at that moment, while your daddy sleeps, it's a moment that just you and I share while all the world is still. 

A highlight from this week was attending our first birthing class. I was so excited to be there, because I know it means that your birthday isn't too far off now.  It also gives me something constructive to prepare for while I wait for you. 3 months will fly by and then you'll be outside in this world and sleeping in those precious pink sleepers your Grandma Osborne got for you. 

All images copyright of Bethany Schneider Photography. Do not use without permission. 


Aileen said...

Great photos! I think my favorites are the last one and your new fb profile. You look so happy :)

Jessica said...

lovely photos! found you through kellys corner and following you now! :)

Jessica @ 4th street south

Rachel Wojnarowski said...

Beautiful! Stopping over from WLW linkup. What an exciting time for you!!

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