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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Weeks

Caroline and all of her sweet presents from the baby shower

Size of baby: approximately 16 inches long and weighing between 3 and 4 pounds

Baby is: busy gaining about half a pound a week from now until birth on average. And I found out at my midwife appointment this week that baby C is head down!!   

Maternity clothes: all maternity clothes here except for a few stretchy pj pants I can comfortably wear below my bump. I've also discovered how to better shop for maternity clothes on a budget. At first I didn't know where to buy maternity clothes so I ended up paying more, but now that I've discovered consignment stores I'm super excited about finding great deals on maternity clothes! The maternity dress I wore to my baby shower I found for consignment for just $7, and it looked brand new. 

Sleep: waking up every 2 to 3 hours to walk out leg cramps, make a bathroom run, or switch to laying on the other side (which takes a bit of effort when you're preggers 'cause you've got to rearrange your comfort pillows). Poor hubby, I've taken over more than my half of the bed with all my comfort support pillows. 

Gender: it's all pink here! 

Cravings: chocolate! I want to eat dark chocolate chips all the time. But since I know they contain a small amount of caffeine I'm having to limit those cravings. Also craving cheese, peanut butter and apples. At my midwife appointment this week we talked about increasing my caloric intake to help me gain the extra 20 pounds they'd like me to have reached come delivery. All that peanut butter and cheese ought to do the trick! 

Week's highlights: My mom threw me a beautiful baby shower afternoon tea at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham. It was such a lovely afternoon, the eats were delicious, the setting was beautiful and the company of women who came to celebrate little C was certainly the best jewel of the experience. I'm kind of on cloud 9 now organizing all of Caroline's new gifts and getting excited because she'll be wearing these outfits, I'll be reading her these books, she'll be sleeping on these crib sheets, I'll be carrying her in the Mei Tai...6 weeks till full term and as far as I'm concerned once I hit full term Caroline is welcome to make her grand debut at any minute! 

"For this child I have prayed"
- Samuel 1:27


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