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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Signs of Autumn

New silver pumpkins on our mantel right next to our little pumpkin's first pictures.
(Pumpkin from Michael's Crafts, got to enjoy their seasonal decor especially with those weekly 40% coupons). 

Warm drinks. I used to be a big tea drinker, but since getting pregnant I've stayed away from herbal teas. This fall I think spiced apple cider will make it into my mug instead. 

Every autumn I get so excited by the sight of bright orange pumpkins and can hardly wait to pick one up. This year instead our realtor dropped off a big orange pumpkin on our doorstep. 

This autumn is also filled with the fun of watching baby items take over our living room, like this Graco Snap & Go stroller. I can't admit to you that I often take it for a daily spin around our living room. 

And on the topic of baby girl, October is my baby shower month. And my Aunt Maggie sent one of Caroline's first presents. I about melted when I opened the box and saw the card that said "For Caroline", so sweet. This Infant Sleep Sound Lamb from Hammacher Schlemmer is just precious- plays different soothing sounds. I just might be enjoying the soothing sound effects as much as Caroline.

What are some of your favorite signs of autumn this year? 


Rachel said...

Such a sweet blog post! Don't think I've commented recently but congratulations on the upcoming arrival of Caroline! So exciting.

So far this Fall I've been enjoying the leaves changing and pulling the sweaters back out. Baking with apples and watching the girls I nanny experience so many firsts this season. So we are trying to enjoy and make the most of the beautiful weather with two baby girls in their pumpkin hats all bundled up in their jackets. It's the sweetest thing.

And that little lamb is the greatest! We use it daily, as the ocean sounds are one little girl's fave.

Bethany said...

Rachel- thank you for the congratulatory wishes...we are so very excited!

Sounds like you have some truly sweet signs of fall this year!

Good to know about how much you like the little lamb. I'm sure our little girl will love it too!

Aileen said...

I like this post! I went to Michael's to try and find a pumpkin because yours is so cute and I have a silver owl on a shelf that would look good with some more fall decor...but sadly they were out. And Christmas had exploded at Michael's! Crazy!! You can hardly find fall stuff now.

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