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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Days Old

Caroline, you are 10 days old today! 

These first 10 days have been a blur. But I don't want to forget the details of this precious time...

Your favorite place to be is snuggled with mommy in my big white bathrobe. It's the one fail proof Caroline soother. I've sat awake late at night with you rocking you or walking the house while you stare up at me with wide eyes happy to be snuggled with mommy.

You are doing great with your weight, yesterday at your last pediatrician appointment you were back up to your birth weight and one ounce over. My day was made! We can now let you sleep longer between feedings which means I am also getting more sleep! 

Your premie size clothes are getting a tiny bit more snug. You still wear mostly newborn size clothes (because that's what I had) but we roll up the sleeves and feet.

Your daddy calls you "Little Miss No Butt" because you were so tiny when you were born you really had almost no butt. But you're putting on some baby fat now. 

You do not like having your diaper changed or getting a bath. You also want to be held all the time so we don't lay you down in your napper unless you're fast asleep because otherwise you start crying. You are also not a fan of the car seat so we've had to develop a method: we put you in the car seat while asleep, then tuck a blanket around you so you feel swaddled. 

We love you, sweet C! 


Chelsey Morrison said...

Bethany, she's just perfect. I'm sure you're doing a great job, mama!

Unknown said...

Oh, Bethany, precious mother now! :) Love this blog. Thank you for sharing all of these precious moments with us! What a lovely daughter you have, and what a lovely mother you are!! :) so excited for you and Mike to have a little one. the joys are only beginning! :)
Love from Austria...oh, we mailed a Christmas package yesterday...just a few little things because we are already missing you guys! :( but we know the reason you will not be with us is the best one we can think of!!
Love, Oma Schneider

Brittany said...

Oh, 10 days old. So incredibly sweet. Enjoy these precious days. Love the robe picture- so cute!

Myia Turner said...

This is precious.

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