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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekly Recap: Preggers Edition

1) Washing the last load of Caroline's laundry before her arrival. Baby detergent smells sooooo good!
2) Been admiring this mirror at Target lately. Noticed them on sale for $15/each over the weekend gave in and bought two. #nesting
3) Watching the election results at my parents' house (we don't have cable or a TV). Mike as usual was getting some work done at the same time while I propped my feet up. 
4) I am super into leopard print right now. I'm admiring it everywhere I go. This week my mom came over and gave me a few leopard print outfits for C she found on sale and that girl is gonna be stylin'!

6) You know you're a mom stop by Babies R Us just to admire the latest model of the Graco Snap & Go Strollers. 
7) Thank you Whole Foods Chapel Hill for remembering that preggers ladies and hauling heavy bags of groceries (or trying to navigate crazy drivers while walking to your car) does not mix well.
8) Cupcake leftover from my baby shower, straight out of the freezer. Frozen cupcakes are delicious! 
9) A friend gave me a set of Eucerin Aquaphor products and they're amazing, so good at moisturizing and I like that it's fragrance free. Have you ever tried it? 
10) Now I check Target's baby clothes aisle sales racks a couple times a week. Found this dress for little C, pink and ruffles simply adorable. And $5 is not a bad price. 


Aileen said...

This post is great! So many fun things and so much prep for Caroline :) I'm also loving the leopard print.

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