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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Caroline's First Couple Weeks (via phone camera)

1) top left First time alone with mommy, in our hospital room in maternity
2) center left Snoozing at home in a swaddle. Before she began escaping them
3) bottom left Hanging with mommy in the nursery rocking chair during Daddy's first morning back at work
4) top center a little burping action
5) bottom center trying on a new outfit from Laura before Daddy gets home from work
6) top right two words: Milk Coma
7) bottom right The bold and the brave, diaper run to Babies R Us with a newborn


Catherine said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful & you look incredibly happy!

Carolina City Girl said...

she is so precious, bethany! and caroline is one of my favorite names. beautiful!

Unknown said...

thank you for all the lovely pictures of her first days, which we have sadly missed! :( but so glad we can catch a glimpse through your camera! :)
Praying for you all all the time....for all the adjustments, and for much JOY! There is sure a lot of joy going on over here on her (and your ) behalf! as we rejoice over a safe and swift delivery and a beautiful little girl!! Love her name, too! :) Oma Schneider

Rebecca said...

Bethany, I haven't been on Facebook for a while and so missed this news-- but I'm delighted to learn of the healthy arrival of your sweet Caroline! She is absolutely beautiful. Joy to all three of you!

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