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Friday, January 18, 2013

Caroline At 2 Months

Caroline, you are 2 months old! 

You love being rocked in the rocking chair in your nursery.
You love practicing holding your head up.
You are just now discovering the usefulness of your hands and you've been practicing grabbing your bottle and pulling it towards you while you eat. I've also been helping you hone your little fine motor skills by playing with links with you, you grab on to them and just have a grand time.

You recently discovered that fun things can happen even when you're not being held. Lately I've laid out a blanket on your nursery room floor and you enjoy lying there and looking around at things and pumping those little legs of yours. 

You are so much more alert and observant. You've also given me three big gummy smiles and looked straight at me, as if to say "I'm having a really great time with you, mom!".
I'm pretty sure Daddy is jealous that he hasn't gotten a smile yet. In time.

You love your Grandma and Grandpa and when you're with them insist on being snuggled the entire time. I think they're pretty happy to oblige. 

With your great pediatrician Dr. Pickens. Though your face looks like you know what's coming...2 month shots! 

2 Month Stats
Weight: 7 lbs. 12 oz (5%)

Height: 22 inches (25%)

Diapers: Newborn

Clothes: Newborn

Sleep: You've found a bit of a rhythm for your night time sleeping. You go down sometime in the evening depending on how well you've napped during the day, and you wake for eats around 2AM and again about 5AM. Then sleep till about 8AM. I always rock you to sleep and sometimes sing you to sleep. I know the baby sleep books say not to do that, but I have this one moment in time to rock my baby girl to sleep in my arms and I'm not going to miss it.

Eating: Since all the mess I went through with the severe galactocele and staph infection and having to have a drain put in I was told to stop BF you. So since 6 weeks we've had you on Earth's Best Organic Soy Infant Formula and you've done great. It helps with my mommy guilt of not being able to BF to give you something organic. 

Play time. We have play time every morning in your nursery. We listen to lullabies on mommy's ipad, play with link toys, have tummy time, read stories, and you just love lying there and staring at the things on your changing table- I meant LOVE it! 

Happy 2 Months, Baby Girl! 


Aileen said...

Love this post! Your black and white top is cute. And Caroline is adorable especially in her pink fluffy outfit. She looks so cozy!

Unknown said...

this is so precious, Bethany! what a wonderful way to keep track of her progress and growth (and to share with her far away family how wonderful she is! :)
Can't wait to see you all! Oma!

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