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Monday, February 18, 2013

Caroline at 3 Months

Caroline, you are 3 months old today! 

You love...

 ...snuggling up and sleeping next to mommy
... riding in the car (as long as we don't come to a stop light...then it's all tears) 

...looking at any type of light

...your play mat, you are in LOVE with your play mat, more than worth the $16 I spent on it at the kids' consignment store

...being read to and looking at the pictures in your favorite board books

with mommy's blogging friend, Aileen

...smiling when you wake up in the morning or from a good nap
...and being outside

3 months stats:

9 pounds 5 ounces

clothes: 0-3 month, except for a couple newborn sleeping gowns

diapers: you've grown into BumGenius cloth diapers, but when you wear disposable it's a size 1 diaper

Sleep: you're very random with your sleep schedule. Sometimes you wake up your usual twice a night for eats, sometimes more, and on a few glorious (but rare) occasions you've gone as long as 7 hours.  

with Gramps

Books: we just added new books to your collection,The Runaway Bunny and On The Night You Were Born and you are already listening intently to both when mommy reads them to you.

napping while Daddy works

You bring us so much joy! 


Unknown said...

Love the photos! Especially of the one of her napping on her daddy. So sweet :)

She is beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Such a little snugglebug! Enjoy all of these sweet moments:-) xoxo

Bethany said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, ladies. She's a sweet little snugglebug for sure :)

Aileen said...

I love this post! The first photo is my absolute favorite (to date) of you and C. And I'm glad I made the post :) I loved seeing her that day and spending time with you. We need to have another date again soon!

Unknown said...

Oh, Bethany, and Caroline! (and Mike, too, of course) Loved having time with you all. Thank you for all the fun I got to have seeing your life together, and getting to know Caroline! <3 Thank you so much for keeping us updated with photos! We are so blessed to see you all in the pictures.

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