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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Caroline's Aunt Chelsea

Chelsea is my best girl friend. We've known each other since...well... about as far back as I can remember. We went to school together growing up but never really became close till she was living and studying in Europe. Go figure right, you become closer friends once you're miles and miles apart, right?

She's been a big part of Caroline's life even before Caroline was born. She threw me the sweetest southern baby shower and has prayed for me and Caroline throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy and the ups and downs of being a new mom. She was especially there for me during my medical complications with breastfeeding- praying for me, encouraging me, bringing me meals (we both have the same favorite salad at Panera!), and bringing a bag of necessities to us at the hospital. She's one of those friends I can always count on, and I'm so thankful Caroline has Chelsea in her life. 

snuggling with aunt chelsea

Chelsea and I are both complete health nuts, which makes agreeing on snacks (Luna Bars) and lunch spots (Whole Foods) easy.

Mike was traveling this week for work and Chelsea offered to stay with me and Caroline. It sure was nice to have a little chat with her during the midnight feeding. And Caroline slept for 5 hours straight for me after that! It must have been Aunt Chelsea magic in the air that night!

eating lunch at aunt chelsea's

snoozing with aunt chelsea

Oh, and another thing I love about Caroline's Aunt Chelsea, she always has her camera with her to snap Caroline photos. Sometimes I'm so busy with C that I forget to take photos or just have my hands to full (literally!) to pull out the camera. But Chelsea takes almost weekly photos of Caroline and it's a wonderful way for me to see how C has already grown! 
(Chelsea took all these photos)


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