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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Week in Review: According to Caroline

"They see me rolling. With my paci."

"They tell me that's my Great Aunt Maggie on the right there. They tell me she sent me lots of precious handmade baby things that belonged to her many years ago. I don't know these things. I just go with what the big people tell me."

"Just hanging out. In my diaper. You ever do that?"

"I feel so proud of myself when Mommy says I'm a good girl. Can ya tell?"

"Emma came to see me. I must be special. She was fun, I liked the way she smiled at me. And her dangly earrings. Wishing I had the fine motor skills to grab them."

"My parents comment on how much I'm growing. But I haven't the faintest idea what they mean."

"Yup. That was a good nap. The hand hanging out of the Ergo tells it all." 

"My special friend Emma Grace and her mommy came to visit me and my mommy. Emma Grace is one stylish baby. I'm glad I wore my favorite white sleeper with frills. I hope she was impressed."

"My Mommy says it's nap time. I have other ideas."

"The strangest thing happens. I go to sleep in the car and I wake up in this strange overly crowded place my mom refers to as 'Whole Foods' and my Aunt Chelsea is there too. That sort of things happens to me a lot- I fall asleep and wake up some place totally different. That ever happen to you?"

"Do I get a bite, Mommy? Can't take my eyes off your pizza."

"Mommy let me play with a spoon. I LOVE playing with spoons. She says she's worried I'll hit my eye with it or something, but I got this spoon thing down, Mommy!"


Laura @ Laura Likes Design said...

So cute!

Nithan said...

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