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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life These Days: Tuesday Afternoon

tuesday as nap timed neared its end i decided to pull out my nikon dslr (a rare occurrence these days as i typically only have a single free hand) and play around with ISO. it proved to be the perfect opportunity to capture a handful of images of what life these days look like on a typical tuesday afternoon...
(except for resizing them to be smaller, images are straight out of the camera)

always using mason jars...southern born 'n bred

chatting with my girl, fresh faced post nap 

 the way i used to tote my cell phone around has now been replaced by how i always tote the baby monitor around these days

favorite toy at the moment, the lamaze zebra toy. we named him "zenith the zebra" she likes to try to eat him when she can mange to get him near enough her mouth.

baby bottles washing in the sink. these days our sink is in constant rotation with baby bottles needing to be cleaned. thanks born free, we love your bottles and can't wait to try your training sippy cups (and no, that's not a sponsored shout out, just toting a product i love of my own free will, friends)

oh those eyes. 

it's a cold winter outside, but a warm winter inside

tiny toes stealing my heart

the diaper bag, my constant companion yet constant annoyance because i'm always worried i'll forget something of critical importance such as the burp cloth, or an extra bib, or the formula, or diapers, or clean bottles,  or wipes, or the formula scoop, or a paci, or an extra blanket, or mommy's lip balm...see why it's always stuffed full?

i like how playing around with my camera's ISO setting always me to focus in on one focal point in a picture.

what images would comprise your everyday life these days? 


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