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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Caroline at 5 Months

Caroline, you are 5 months old! It amazes me how much you have grown and changed in these last 5 months. And each new stage is more exciting than the previous one!

You love looking at yourself in the mirror, it's a favorite form of entertainment these days. 

And you're starting to sleep through the night which is amazing! I felt like this day would never come, so I am incredibly thankful for sleep! I remember those first months thinking I was lucky if I got 4 hours added up throughout the whole night- I didn't get more than an hour of sleep at a time. 

You are incredibly interested in our food. You've been grabbing for it and opening your mouth for it a lot these last couple weeks. And the other night we let you have your first unofficial solid food when you reached for a banana Daddy was about to eat. You absolutely loved gumming it and now recognize bananas when you see them on the counter. 

We think we'll start you on solids soon. I've already organized the items and ingredients I'll need to start making and freezing baby food for you. First on the menu will be a banana prune combination. 

With your Uncle Seth when he came to visit. He hadn't seen you since last Christmas when Mommy was in the hospital and he (along with your Grandma and Gramps) took care of you.

Oh, and Daddy and I will do just about anything to try to get you to laugh. Last week it was peekaboo and this week it's the chicken dance. We'd make complete fools of ourselves to get a giggle from you. 

We love you, Caroline. We often say you are a gift from heaven, so sweet and so funny and God has taught us so much about what really matters through you! 

5 Month Stats
Clothing: 3M size
Diapers: You wear BumGenius cloth diapers during the day, but at night you sleep in a disposable and wear a size 1. 
Eating: You drink about 30 ounces of Earth's Best Infant Formula per day.
Sleep: Just started sleeping through the night! Which means till about 5 AM, but I'll take it! 


Kadee Cramer said...

She is so precious!

Bethany said...

Thanks, Kadee! I think so too, but then again I know I'm partial ;)

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