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Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinky Promise Photography

Early in March we had our first family photos taken by Pinky Promise Photography. I found Caroline a precious white smocked dress at my favorite children's consignment store. I picked out a new outfit for myself at Old Navy, debated with Mike on whether or not we should go color-coordinated (I voted "yes", he voted "no"...but since family photos was a birthday present I asked for right after Caroline was born my request was granted). I put on  make-up (a rarity in my new busy mom life) and...

...Caroline had a complete meltdown about three minutes into our photo session. Why had the thought never occurred to me that this might happen. Welcome to motherhood, Bethany Schneider. Murphey's Law, right? If you forget the extra set of clothes a blow out happens. If you plan a date night at home the baby wakes up four time before 10PM. If  you plan the perfect matching family photo session your baby freaks out. This is real life, folks, not one of those my-life-is-so-fabulous-all-the-time-blogs, ha! 

But miracle of miracles, Melissa captured some of the sweetest photos. I honestly don't know how she did it because Caroline was a mess on and off the whole time, but she did! Thank you so much Pinky Promise...we absolutely, positively adore and treasure these photos! 

Melissa's theme for the portraits was "vintage picnic"...totally loved it! 

Aw, this is her crying. I was so stressed about it day of but now I just laugh...and think how cute she looks! 

This is real life, y'all. Contrary to what a lot of mommy blogs would have you believe, babies cry at inopportune times. But you just laugh about it later. It's definitely helped me chill out about worrying if things are perfect or not. I'm just happy if I can make it to Target without any poop/spit-up/pee on me or her. But every smile and giggle makes it more than worth the mess of raising a baby. 

"A person's a person no matter how small" 

With her Great Aunt Maggie's vintage blanket that was Maggie's blanket in the 1940s. 


Anonymous said...

Love that black and white one!

Unknown said...

oh, Bethany, these shots are truly lovely and oh, so precious and fun!! Amazing how the photographer was able to capture the moments she was NOT crying! Brave of you to do this and not give up! :) thank you thank you thank you for this! <3
Oma in Austria

Unknown said...

So amazing! A lifetime is made up of moments, we capture the most beautiful ones. | Higher Ed Photography

Unknown said...

Love these! And love you for doing a wonderful round up! :) I love photography! And am nagging my husband every second his awake to buy me a dslr!
Hope you and your adorable Luca are well!
Ocean Photo Prints

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