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Friday, May 3, 2013

According to Caroline

Mommy says: "Be still my beating heart this is just too cute I cannot handle it."
Caroline says: "Mom I think I look stupid in this big bow. Are you really going to take me out to eat at Nantucket looking like this?"

Behold the glory of ice cream from Caroline's perspective. Yes, I added the light rays beaming out from the bowl of ice cream because I just couldn't help myself. That girl wants what Daddy's eating so bad. Mike, you are now accountable for any junk food you eat around her, she's watching. And we all know she only sees Mommy's superb eating habits noshing on  spinach and kale all day (kidding!). 

From the looks of it Daddy dressed Caroline again. 
(And if you can't figure out what's wrong with the picture Daddy put the pants on before the onesie. I think it's a guy thing because I hear other dads do the exact same thing.) We love you anyways, Daddy. 

"Whatdya say, Mommy?"


Allison said...

All of those pics are too funny. The first one is adorable, I love the big bow.

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