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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Caroline's First Beach Trip

Obviously, Caroline didn't enjoy the beach one bit...


She was on Cloud 9 the entire time. She wasn't so much of a fan of the water (just like mama), but absolutely loved being on the beach- the wind, the people, the seagulls, the sound of the waves. 

Of course, being a redhead and being so sun conscious I was even more OCD about sun exposure with baby. She was coated in Babyganics Sunscreen (cause I'm a little wary of chemical sunscreens after doing my research), wore a sunsuit romper for more coverage than a swimsuit cause it's not like she was swimming anyways, and we tied on a baby sunhat. Oh, and we didn't go out between 10AM and 4PM and she stayed with me in the shade almost the entire time. 

Obsessive? Maybe. But my little redhead is getting no sunburn on my watch. 

The beach was so differently this time around. Last year on our summer beach trip I reflected on how that would be our last time sitting on the beach just reading for quite a while and those words stood true. I opened the first page of a magazine but that's as far as I got on beach reading this year. It was all baby this time around.

But I guess next year will be even crazier...we'll have to keep tabs on a busy toddler! 


Unknown said...

The first picture is so sweet - I love her facial expressions!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Her eyes are just beautiful. I like your hair cut, too!

Unknown said...

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