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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I pretty much forgot my camera all day long.

Let down? Me too.

But at least I remembered it first thing in the morning and then again at dinner time.

Who can remember a camera when you've got to remember diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, change of clothes (because the day you don't pack them the baby WILL have an epic pee pee accident), Sophie the giraffe, lip balm (that one's for mommy), bib...

My Mother's Day breakfast in bed. Honestly I could care less about the breakfast part it's the getting to stay in bed part while Daddy takes care of the baby part I most enjoyed. 7:30 is now considered major sleeping in. 
Caroline assisted with the card, but apparently she wiggled her hand so much it became hard to trace. Hence the larger than real life hand. But it's precious anyways. 

 Good morning!
 And that orange around her nose is carrot. I stayed in bed except for a brief 20 minutes hiatus, long enough to finagle a little pureed carrot into the munchkin. Though I wonder sometimes if more of it ends up on her face, in her hands, sticky in her hair than actually in her mouth. 

My Mother's Day bouquet. I have two strong beliefs about flowers: they always look better in a white pitcher (a la vintage country) and never, ever carnations. 

And my Mother's Day card and gift from Caroline. It had a picture of an owl mommy and owl baby reading together on the front because Owl Babies is one of her favorite books we read together...

"Dear Mommy,

Thank you for reading me all these great books...I have learned so much and love going to the library with you. As a thank you, Daddy said I can send you to get your finger nails painted (I don't know what that means- I just scratch my head with mine). He said you would like it. Will you read me the owl book again?

I love you- sorry I'm a hassle sometimes.

- lil C"

Heart. Melted. 


Carolina City Girl said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!

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