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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real Life. Blog Life.

Real life: I'm in sweatpants and a t-shirt all day. Load and unload dishwasher. Repeat.  Clean baby food off of baby. My hair is likely moderately disheveled looking. Clean baby food off of highchair. Hand wash baby bottles. Repeat. Clean baby food off of floor. I'm eating a Luna Bar for a quick lunch.  Unload dishwasher then realize midway through the dishes are actually dirty.  Clean baby food stains on laundry. FOFO (full on freak out as one of my mommy friends coined it. Or as the non-mom population might term it: a meltdown). Load and unload laundry. Repeat. Find dried baby food in my hair. Sweet slobbery drooling baby kisses. Is that a sweet potato-carrot stain on my sleeve?

Blog life: I brush my hair for starters. I put on an adorable "mom outfit" (which is ridiculous because a realistic mom outfit would be anything adorned in spit-up). Coordinate my daughter in a matching striped dress and a pair of monogrammed baby bloomers. (Yes you heard me right, monogrammed baby bloomers). We meet Daddy at a local foods restaurant that's vegan and gluten free friendly. Daddy happens to be wearing a shirt that coordinates with our outfits (Christmas miracle, y'all). And we smile and take pictures of our adorable matching family.

Isn't life beautiful? 


Carolina City Girl said...

LOVE your haircut! It is so cute on you!

Bethany said...

Thanks, Christin :)

Unknown said...

You are beautiful, and a wonderful wife and mommy,. too! <3

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