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Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Go to the Pool {Baby Style}

As a mom I have loved discovering the automatic connection I have with other moms that can often bloom into friendships. Meeting Ashley was just like that but even better because our connections cross about 10 times over. We live just a couple streets away from each other. We go to the same church. We both used the same midwives practice and did I mention our daughters were born within 2 weeks of each other? 
We met while each taking our respective baby girl on a walk. And now we enjoy planning walks around our neighborhood together which invariably we get rained out of on a regular basis, ha! 

The other week Ashley and Olive invited us to the YMCA pool after morning naps. And off we went, babies coated in sunscreen and peeping out from under their sunhats. Caroline was not a fan of the water.  I can't blame her, it had just rained so the water was cold. It was good to have some mommy time together. And as we played by the baby pool (okay mostly Ashley and I just talked and the babies sat in our laps) I noticed a few little girls in their tutu style swimsuits and water wings splashing about and I realized that before I know it Caroline will be one of those little girls. Running off to splash in the water instead of sitting on my lap. My heart shed a little tear thinking of my baby no longer being a baby. But I also got excited at the precious, precocious little girl I know she'll be. 

Photo collage courtesy of Ashley.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Caroline at 7 Months

Caroline, you are 7 months old today! 

You love avocados and sweet potatoes
(but absolutely hate prunes!). 
And you get so excited when we let you "feed yourself" (you generally need a little help holding it) banana and watermelon.  You eat solids 3 times a day and we generally can't give it to you fast enough for your liking - you gobble it down. You also take around 25 ounces of formula a day. And get very crabby if you bottle doesn't get to you fast enough. 

We're working on the sippy cup. You'll take a few sucks, but once you realize it's a sippy cup you'd rather chew on it than drink from it. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm anxious to get you to like the sippy cup because I'm afraid of weaning you off the bottle after your first birthday. 

You love laughing, playing with your favorite blanket, cuddling with your WubbaNub, and going for walks in your stroller or adventures in your car seat. 

Oh, and I'm almost afraid to write it here because sometimes if you say it it stops....but...Caroline is sleeping through the night (9p-6a) which is HUGE! I mean HUGE! I never thought this day would come and I feel like a new woman. There is nothing that makes you appreciate 7 straight hours of sleep more than having a baby. get more fun everyday. (especially now that mommy gets to sleep through the night!)

SOOC (straight out of camera)
Nikon D5000
35 mm 1.8 lens
Manual Mode

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lately: Surgery, Mommy's Day Off, and Jumping

Uncle Seth came to visit and Caroline had the most fun with him. Uncle Seth is a lot of fun because he gives you his undivided attention, he gets down on the floor to play, he lets you pull his hair and chew on his fingers. Obviously, the recipe for fun according to a 6 month old. 

And the Jumperoo has become even more popular...

...she has learned how to really jump in it and I mean really jump, sometimes she jumps so hard and so high I'm almost afraid she'll hurt herself. But then again, I guess that's what a jumperoo is for - jumping. Trying to put first time mom over worry aside. 

That's also a knew development...mastering the lower lip, either biting it or puckering it out in the most adorable little pout. It's a good thing she can't ask for things yet because with that face we'd be paupers. 

I snapped this on my phone (gotta love the super high android photo quality) on the way home from the beach. But oh my look at that girl eyeing herself in her little outfit. We're in trouble. Actually Daddy's bank account is in trouble...and so are any boys who try to get near her once Daddy catches wind. 

Grandma took some time off work while I had some oral surgery and she provided endless entertainment for Caroline. I've got to admit it was a much needed break for me. I was actually excited on surgery day because 1) I knew I'd get a nap (never been more excited for anesthesia- ha!) 2) I finally had an excuse to kick up my feet and rest. I guess most moms feel this way but I feel like I can never rest. There is always so much to be done. Let's just say regardless of a swollen face, I was so excited to lay in bed with my ipad and do NOTHING (aka Pinterest because I'm addicted)!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating Clean On Mommy Time

Caroline keeps me so busy (she's not a big napper and likes lots of stimulation). So sometimes eating well during the week can be hard! At first I relied on a lot of pre-packaged freezer meals which are expensive and not always the healthiest. But I'm learning how to make clean eats in a pinch...

Barbara's Naturals Shredded Oats with organic vanilla soy milk, banana, and green tea. 

Oh, and my all time favorite little breakfast buddy too, she kept me company in her highchair.

Wraps: Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Wraps with brown rice, black beans, onion, shredded iceberg lettuce and avocado. This is one of my all time favorite easy lunches. It looks fancy but really it is so quick to make and is really satisfying. 

Trail mix: raw almonds, 70% dark cacao chips, raisins, and cranberries. I make a batch, keep in a large jar and pull some out whenever I want to munch. It's addictive! 

An Annie's Organics Cheese Pizza and then I add as many veggies as I have in the fridge and freezer. Some of our favorites include spinach, broccoli, bell pepper, mushrooms, and avocado (though add the avocado once the pizza is done or almost done). 

What are some of your favorite quick, healthy on the go meal choices? I really need help with family meals because I've totally fallen off the cooking dinner bandwagon since having a baby. Freezer pizza again anyone?