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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lately: Surgery, Mommy's Day Off, and Jumping

Uncle Seth came to visit and Caroline had the most fun with him. Uncle Seth is a lot of fun because he gives you his undivided attention, he gets down on the floor to play, he lets you pull his hair and chew on his fingers. Obviously, the recipe for fun according to a 6 month old. 

And the Jumperoo has become even more popular...

...she has learned how to really jump in it and I mean really jump, sometimes she jumps so hard and so high I'm almost afraid she'll hurt herself. But then again, I guess that's what a jumperoo is for - jumping. Trying to put first time mom over worry aside. 

That's also a knew development...mastering the lower lip, either biting it or puckering it out in the most adorable little pout. It's a good thing she can't ask for things yet because with that face we'd be paupers. 

I snapped this on my phone (gotta love the super high android photo quality) on the way home from the beach. But oh my look at that girl eyeing herself in her little outfit. We're in trouble. Actually Daddy's bank account is in trouble...and so are any boys who try to get near her once Daddy catches wind. 

Grandma took some time off work while I had some oral surgery and she provided endless entertainment for Caroline. I've got to admit it was a much needed break for me. I was actually excited on surgery day because 1) I knew I'd get a nap (never been more excited for anesthesia- ha!) 2) I finally had an excuse to kick up my feet and rest. I guess most moms feel this way but I feel like I can never rest. There is always so much to be done. Let's just say regardless of a swollen face, I was so excited to lay in bed with my ipad and do NOTHING (aka Pinterest because I'm addicted)!


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